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The 10th of March 1932

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How do You assess the political situation in the region?
Polls archive
From what sources do you get information about public services? Start of survey: June 2016
Polls archive
What is the level of awareness about the implementation of state and sectoral programs? Start of survey: November 2017
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Are you familiar with the National Plan of 100 concrete steps to reform Kazakhstan?
Start of survey: November 2015
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Are you satisfied with the quality of the public services you receive? Start of survey: June 2016
Polls archive
Do you know Karaganda well?

Address by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Official website of the President of the RK E-services portal of Karaganda region
  • Official website of the Government of RK
  • Official website of the Parliament of RK
  • Нур Отан
  • EGov Portal RK
  • Мобильное правительство
  • Report of region akim to the people
  • Report of region akim to the people
  • Выборы: информация для избирателей
  • JSC «House Constraction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan»
  • http://www.expo2017culture.kz
  • Legislation base of RK
  • Electronic Labour Exchange
  • The Program of Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship
  • Committee of internal state audit of MF of the RK
  • Committee on Regulation of Natural Monopolies and Protection of Competition
  • Government procurement RK
  • Civil Service Affairs and anti-corruption Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • The National Institute of Intellectual Property
  • Judicial office
  • Register of region producers
  • Karaganda region investment passport
  • Committee on technical regulation and metrology under the MINT RK
  • Казахстанское интернет телевидение
  • «Телегазета»
  • Official Touristic Website of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Altyn Sapa
  •  bolashak
  • The state Register of emissions and transfer of pollutants
  • Portal of goods, works, services producers of RK
  • Academy of public administration under President RK
  • Financial Literacy www.fingramota.kz
  • Kazakhstan videoportal kaztube.kz
  • Information portal baq.kz
  • News portal BNews.kz
  • Kazakhstan open library
  • Portal for kazakh exporters of manufacturing industries and for foreign buyers
  • National Agency for Technological Development
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