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Jenis Qasymbek

Dear site visitors!

On the vast territory of the Karaganda region is home to nearly 1 million 400 thousand people. Many of them, there are sometimes problems with which they turn to local authorities. However, for various reasons, not all have the opportunity to get on personal reception to the leadership of the region.

And I because of my busy schedule, I can not, unfortunately, to take all comers. In this regard, and was created by my Virtual reception to you, using the potential of interactive communication, could directly apply for whatever your concerns, to Express their opinion about events happening in the region. This kind of feedback which allows me to see how local authorities organised, work to improve the living conditions of the population, solve their daily needs.

I want to assure you that none of your appeal, no matter what question it may concern, will not remain without attention, and each of them will be answered, and if necessary - the decision. To ensure that your appeal was considered timely and substantive, and asking you to follow the Rules of the Virtual waiting room.

Sincerely, Zh. Kasymbek