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Attractive directions in the region for investment (including specifying specific projects and opportunities for investors)


The main reference point of modernization of economy is the industrial-innovative development of key industries.

Since 2015 began the implementation of the State program of industrial-innovative development for 2015-2019, which is a logical continuation of the previous program. Its main difference is the focus on development of manufacturing industry, regional specialization using the cluster approach. On this basis, determined the specialization of the Karaganda region is ferrous, non-ferrous metallurgy, production of chemicals for industry, production of machinery and equipment for mining industry, electrical equipment, construction materials, food products.

Taking into account the identified priorities, is the initiation, the search and implementation of high-tech projects. To improve the investment attractiveness and stimulation of inflow of investments into the economy of the region in the Karaganda oblast operates a free economic zone "Saryarka". Commissioned objects of infrastructure of the FEZ successfully provide infrastructure services (electricity, railway services) applicable to the participants.

LLP "Bemer Armatura" - the production of ball valves and stop valves (amount invested investment of 3100 million tenge, 37 jobs, the volume of production 645.5 million tenge).

LLP "Isoplus Central Asia" - the production of heat-insulated pipes (the amount invested investments 1900 million tenge, 40 jobs, the volume of production – 1382.0 million tenge).

LLP "Tau-KenTemir" - the production of metallurgical silicon (the amount invested investments 1900 million tenge, 40 jobs, the volume of production 1382.0 million tenge).

In 2016 launched the project of LLP "HyunwooCentralAsia" (pipes, fittings with thermal insulation from polyurethane with a protective shell).

Attracted 3 new companies, which have received the status of resident of FEZ "Saryarka". The amount of investment in new projects will be about 21 billion tenge with the creation of 224 jobs.

LLP "SteelManufacturing" (the construction of the munitions plant), the investment amount of 20 billion tenge, it is planned the creation of 164 jobs. Is developing design and estimate documentation. Start of construction is planned for the second half of 2017.

LLP "SevenRefractoriesAsia" (production of refractory materials). The volume of investments is KZT 1000 million, the planned creation of 50 jobs. Received certificate of ownership of the land. Construction of boiler rooms, railway impasse.

LLC "Plant of Ekolampa" (production of led street lamps). Is developing design and estimate documentation and registration of land. The volume of investments 121 million tenge, it is planned to create 10 jobs.

Have been active in implementing projects in the framework of the Kazakh–Chinese cooperation in the field of industrialization and investment. From the region included 2 projects for a total amount of 1 trillion.tenge with creation of about 5 thousand jobs that have a high level of redistribution and innovation: construction of a complex for processing of coal, the construction of the plant complex alloys on the territory of SEZ "Saryarka".

To strengthen work on attraction of investments, under the orders of the President created the Council on attraction of investments and improvement of investment climate in Karaganda region. The Council on attraction of investments is an Advisory body under the Governor's office, aimed at creating a favorable investment climate, realization of the state policy in the sphere of investment activity, preliminary consideration of questions of placing of productive forces on the territory of Karaganda region related to the implementation of investment projects. Council activities will focus on making recommendations for reducing administrative barriers, development of proposals for priority development of the region and recommendations for state support of investment projects. The composition of the Board includes investors, representatives of big business, development institutions and state bodies.

In the attraction of multinational companies with full technical support from the international company "Haliburton" in the Karazhal city started production on processing of barite ore LLP "KarazhalOperаting". The total cost of the project is 6 billion tenge. The project envisages annual capacity of 200 thousand tons per year of barite concentrate of the highest quality for the needs of the oil and gas sector in the manufacture of drilling fluids. At the expense of foreign direct investment in Osakarov district planned construction of a plant for the production of high quality lime (LLP "GlobalLimeIndustries"). The project envisages the construction of a production complex for manufacture of lime 1st grade to meet the needs of the metallurgical, chemical and food industries. The project investor is a multinational Corporation CarmeuseGroup (Belgium), which has dozens of factories around the world and a leader in the manufacture of lime for the purpose of metallurgical production. The volume of investments - 8 billion tenge. Implementation of the project will create 105 new jobs.

Despite the pronounced industrial orientation in economic specialization, the region also has potential for the development of the tourism industry - as another area for investment.

The ground for this is the geographical position, the wealth of nature, unique cultural and historical heritage. In the region there are: 2 national parks (Karkaraly and Buiratau), 9 natural reserves, lake Balkhash, the Museum of memory of victims of political repression (p. Dolinka), historical-cultural and natural reserve Museum "Ulytau", the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Temirtau).

In accordance with the Plan for development of tourism in the Karaganda region 2014-2018 is working on the development and strengthening of tourist image of the region, promotion of regional tourist product and the establishment of mutually beneficial partnerships. In 2016, the development of tourism infrastructure it is planned to implement 14 projects worth investment of about 5.5 billion tenge with the creation of 348 new jobs.

The development of domestic tourism will contribute to the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017. For these purposes, the National company "Astana-EXPO" has already been signed 3 Memorandum of cooperation with tour operators in our region ("Nomadic travel Kazakhstan", "PaulinTor" and State natural national Park Karkaraly) and has the first honorary sign "Recommended EXPO" to the hotel “Cosmonaut”.

In order to ensure conditions for sustainable socio-economic development of Karaganda region and improve the quality of life by attracting domestic and foreign investment in the region developed and presented a Strategy for attracting investment in the Karaganda region for the years 2017-2021. The Strategy identifies sectoral priorities and action plans to achieve the objectives of the investment policy, targets and expected results.

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