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Implementation of the program of forced industrial-innovative development


The main focus of economic modernization is the industrial and innovative development of key industries.
Since 2015, the implementation of the State Program on Industrial-Innovative Development for 2015–2019, which is a logical continuation of the previous program, began. Its main difference is the focus on the development of the manufacturing industry, regional specialization using a cluster approach. On this basis, the Karaganda region's specialization is defined - black, non-ferrous metallurgy, production of chemicals for industry, production of machinery and equipment for the mining industry, electrical equipment, building materials, food products.
Taking into account the identified priorities, the initiation, search and implementation of high-tech projects are underway. In order to improve the investment attractiveness and stimulate the inflow of investments into the regional economy in the territory of the Karaganda region, the Saryarka FEZ was created. The commissioned infrastructure facilities of the FEZ successfully provide infrastructure services (electricity, railway services) to existing participants.
LLP "Bömer Armatura" - put into operation in June 2014, the production of ball valves and valves, the amount of invested investments 3.1 billion tenge., Created 50 jobs.
Izoplus Central Asia LLP - put into operation in June 2014, the production of heat-insulated pipes, the volume of investments invested 1.9 billion tenge, 84 jobs were created.
Tau-KenTemir LLP - in accordance with the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan of October 2, 2015 No. 95, the territory of the Saryarka free economic zone is expanded by joining the subzone of the territory of the Silicon Plant Tau-KenTemir LLP. Production of metallurgical silicon, the volume of investments 4,415.6 million tenge, workplace 370 people.
HyunwooCentralAsia LLP was commissioned in December 2015, the production of heat-insulated pipes and fittings with insulation made of polyurethane foam, the amount of invested investments is 1,414 million tenge, workplace 15 people.
SevenRefractoriesAsia LLP - commissioned in June 2017, the production of refractory materials, the volume of investments - 1706 million tenge., Created 34 jobs.
“Recycling Company” LLP - (production of iron, steel, aluminum, non-ferrous metal alloys, scrap vehicles from decommissioned vehicles), the project cost is 3.4 billion tenge, it is planned to create 100 jobs, the implementation period of 2017. Launch produced December 6, 2017.
In the process of implementation - 9 projects:
Steel Manufacturing LLP (construction of the cartridge plant) investment volume - 27.3 billion tenge, it is planned to create 164 jobs. Construction and installation work is carried out according to the schedule.
LLP “Techis LTD” (production of polymer concrete structures), the cost of the project is 1,200 million tenge, it is planned to create 128 jobs, the implementation period of 2016-2017. Developed by PSD. Started construction.
Karaganda Complex Alloys Plant LLP (production of ferro-silicoalluminium), the project cost is 86.0 billion tenge with the creation of 500 jobs, the project is planned to be implemented with the participation of the Chinese company Sinosteel Jilin Electro-Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd;
LLP "JV" Berkut "(production of industrial explosives), worth 8,100 million tenge, with the creation of 120 jobs. The project is planned to be implemented with the participation of Chinese investors in the face of Yunnan Industrial Explosive Group Co. Development of design estimates has begun;
LLP "MTL-Ferroalloys" (production of ferroalloys), the cost of 402.5 million tenge, with the creation of 20 jobs. The status of the participant of the FEZ has been obtained; the work on the registration of the land plot is underway;
Karaganda Pipe-Rolling Plant LLP (production of longitudinal welded pipes), the project cost is 7.1 billion tenge with the creation of 122 workplaces, work is underway on the registration of the land plot (registration in justice);
Arcus Invest LLP (production of pesticides and herbicides), the project cost is 0.9 billion tenge with the creation of 19 jobs. The status of the participant of the FEZ;
LLP "Perspective" - assembling a video camera, the project cost is 0.5 billion tenge with the creation of 15 jobs.
Terma Form LLP (production of vibroplanar shaped refractory products), the project cost is 1.5 billion tenge with the creation of 40 jobs.
Active work is underway on the implementation of projects in the framework of Kazakhstan-China cooperation in the field of industrialization and investment. From the region included 4 projects totaling 942.8 billion tenge with the creation of more than 2 thousand jobs that have a high level of redistribution and innovative component.
1. Construction of a coal processing complex in the Republic of Kazakhstan;
2. Construction of a plant for complex alloys on the territory of the Saryarka Special Economic Zone;
3. Exploration and extraction of methane from coal seams of the Karaganda region.
4. Plant for the production of industrial explosives.
As part of attracting multinational companies in the city of Karazhal, production of barite ore processing by KarazhalOperating LLP was launched with full technical support from the international company Haliburton. The total cost of the project is 6 billion tenge. The project provides for an annual capacity of 200 thousand per year of barite concentrate of the highest quality for the needs of the oil and gas industry in the manufacture of drilling fluids. Due to foreign direct investment in the Osakarovsky district, it is planned to build a plant for the production of high-quality lime (Saryopan Operating LLP). The project envisages the construction of a first-grade lime plant at the Saryopan field to meet the needs of the metallurgical, chemical and food industries. Investor the project is the transnational corporation CarmeuseGroup (Belgium), which has dozens of factories around the world and is a leader in the production of lime for the purposes of metallurgical production dstva volume of investments -... 20 billion tenge The project will create 105 new jobs.
The project will create 105 new jobs.
Despite the pronounced industrial orientation in economic specialization, the region also has the potential to develop the tourism industry, as another direction for investment.
The basis for this is the geographical location, the richness of nature, the uniqueness of the cultural and historical heritage. On the territory of the region there are: 2 national natural parks (Karkaraly and Buyratau), 9 nature reserves, Lake Balkhash, a museum to commemorate victims of political repression (Dolinka village), a historical, cultural and natural reserve-museum Ulytau, a museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Temirtau).
In accordance with the Plan for the development of tourism in the Karaganda region for 2014-2018, work is underway to build and strengthen the tourist image of the region, promote a regional tourist product and establish mutually beneficial partnerships. In 2017, in order to develop tourism infrastructure in the region, 9 projects were implemented for a total amount of 2.4 billion tenge, 114 jobs were created.
In order to ensure conditions for sustainable socio-economic development of the Karaganda region and improve the quality of life by attracting domestic and foreign investment in the region, the Strategy for attracting investments of the Karaganda region for 2017-2021 has been developed and presented. The Strategy defines sectoral priorities and a set of measures to achieve the objectives of the investment policy, indicators for the implementation of measures and expected results.

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