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The main target indicators for the development of the region for 2019 by sectors of the economy


The economic policy of the region will be focused on the tasks and priorities identified in the Development Strategy of Kazakhstan until 2050, the annual messages of the Head of State to the people of Kazakhstan, the Message from the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev to the people of Kazakhstan dated October 5, 2018. “Growing welfare of Kazakhstanis: improving incomes and quality of life "
The priority measures for the development of the region will be focused on the modernization of the economy and the development of competitive industries, the revitalization of the regional innovation system, the development of human capital, the infrastructure complex and the strengthening of the institutional base conducive to the development of the region.
The volume of gross regional product is forecasted in 2019 with an increase of 5.2% (5 trillion 224.6 billion tenge).
- in industry - by 5% (2 684.7 billion tenge).
These indicators will be achieved due to the stable operation of system-forming enterprises, the launch of new investment projects, including within the framework of the Entrepreneurship Support Map and the Saryarka SEZ.
Within the framework of the Entrepreneurship Support Card, an increase in output is planned due to launched projects.
Such as the:
- Modernization of machine-building production of Maker LLP with a design capacity of 11.9 thousand tons of products (industry - engineering). The project cost 13.7 billion tenge, 99 jobs have been created;
- Sary-Arka Copper Processing LLP cathode copper production plant with a design capacity of 6 thousand tons (industry - metallurgy). The project cost is 14.1 billion tenge, 350 jobs have been created.
- an increase in the productivity of the ZIF Pustynnoye AK Altynalmas JSC with a design capacity of 2.3 million tons of ore per year, 2900 kg of gold (the industry is the production of basic precious and non-ferrous metals).
In 2019, it is planned to launch 11 projects:
- hydrometallurgical processing plant of rough copper concentrates of Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, Zhezkazgan;
- factory for the production of industrial explosives LLP "Scientific and Production Enterprise" INTERRIN ", Nurinsky district;
- Ferrosilicon production plant LLP "YDD Corporation", Karaganda;
- waste paper processing and pulp production plant of Karaganda Pulp and Paper Mill LLP, Karaganda;
- meat processing and production of sausages KH "Zhanbolat", Zhanarkinsky district;
- production of industrial gases LLP "Linde Gas", Temirtau;
- plant for the production of cartridges LLP "Steel Manufacturing", Bukhar-Zhyrau district;
- a factory for the production of vibration-filled shaped refractory products of Terma Form LLP, Bukhar-Zhyrau district;
- construction of a solar power station LLP "KazSolar", Balkhash;
- construction of a solar power plant KPM Delta LLP, Shetsky district;
- Launch of the 2nd stage of the construction of the wholesale distribution center of Alfarukh LLP, Karaganda.
- agriculture - by 3.5% (293.4 billion tenge) due to an increase in crop production by 3% (121.2 billion tenge), livestock by 4% (171.5 billion tenge).
It is planned:
- an increase in the total area of agricultural crops by 84.5 thousand hectares (89.9 thousand tons of agricultural products will be additionally obtained), areas using moisture-saving technology - by 32.0 thousand hectares (which will allow for the additional production of grain 9, 6 thousand tons).
- an increase in the number of cattle by 21.4 thousand heads, horses - by 6.2 thousand heads, sheep and goats - by 18.6 thousand heads, pigs - by 1.2 thousand heads, poultry - by 157 , 1 thousand goals.
 Including, through the implementation of investment projects, additional 1.6 billion tenge of gross agricultural output will be obtained (0.94 thousand tons of meat, 3.6 thousand tons of milk, 14.2 million pieces of eggs, 1.2 thousand tons of potatoes and 0.08 thousand tons of vegetables).
- construction - by 10% (245.5 billion tenge)
Achievement of the planned indicators is planned. It is planned due to the implementation of infrastructure projects under the state programs Nurly Zhol, Nurly Zher, Development of regions until 2020, the construction of socially significant facilities, as well as the implementation of work by all entities of the construction industry, including:
- construction of 2 schools in two regions of the region: Karaganda and Zhezkazgan (2.7 billion tenge);
- construction of rental housing and equipping with engineering and communications infrastructure (12.5 billion tenge);
- construction of 5 five-story residential buildings in Satpayev (1.9 billion tenge);
- 11 socially significant objects (4.5 billion tenge).
- reconstruction of a regional highway, capital and secondary road repairs; the construction of a ferrosilicon plant in Karaganda (LLP "YDD Corporation"), investments in the construction of a concentrate plant for the production of lead concentrate at JSC "Zhairemsky GOK".
- transport - by 4.8% (442.5 billion tenge) due to the reconstruction of the North and East bypass of Karaganda 48.3 km to 8 billion tenge, overhaul of the artificial runway of the Balkhash airfield in the amount of 8.9 billion, repair of regional roads as part of the road repair program in the amount of 10.2 billion tenge and other transport services (private transportation, transportation of goods, passengers).
- trade is planned to grow by 2.3% (2191.1 billion tenge) due to the construction of 149 new trading facilities by 18.4 billion tenge with the creation of 1,844 jobs and the development of online trading.

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