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As part of the industrial and innovative development of the region, work continues on the development of new technologies in various sectors of the economy.
At the end of 2018, 336 enterprises indicated the presence of innovations or an increase of 30.7% compared to the previous year (257 enterprises).
The share of innovation-active enterprises of the region in all types of innovations amounted to 14.7% with an increase of 3.6% compared to the same period last year.
The volume of innovative products amounted to 54,778 million tenge or an increase of 70.9% compared to the previous year (32,048 million tenge).
In the region, the highest innovation activity is observed among large enterprises, innovation activity is carried out by 75 enterprises - this is 22.3% of the total number of innovative active enterprises in the region.
In 2018, the number of organizations (enterprises) involved in research and development amounted to 28 units, and their internal costs amounted to 3.5 billion tenge.
The share of innovative products in the total volume of GRP for 2018 amounted to 1.2%.
As part of the Council on Science, Innovation and New Technologies of the Karaganda region, active work is underway to create a productive alliance of science and business.
In 2018, 2 meetings of the Council were held, where issues of technology development in the region, the interaction of science with production, as well as modern tools and mechanisms for stimulating scientific and innovative activities in the region were considered and discussed.
Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, in collaboration with scientists from universities and research institutes, selected 5 projects to consider the possibility of introducing them into production.
ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC implements 6 projects of universities and research institutes. To date, the company has allocated funding and developed Roadmaps for their implementation.
3 more projects, together with the Chemical and Metallurgical Institute named after J. Abishev, are at the stage of concluding framework contracts.
Dala Mining LLP, within the framework of a subsoil use contract for the processing of molybdenum-tungsten ores of the Koktenkol deposit, together with Institute of Organic Synthesis and Coal Chemistry of the Republic of Kazakhstan LLP, is introducing an innovative technology for the production of solutions of various acids.
In addition, a register of 23 potential innovative projects in the region was sent to leading universities of the Russian Federation to consider the possibility of conducting joint research on these projects.
At the same time, work is ongoing at large mining and metallurgical enterprises to introduce digital technologies and elements of Industry 4.0.
In 2018, over 220 billion tenge was invested in the modernization and digitalization of production by the enterprises of the region.
Kazakhmys Corporation is working to introduce a new innovative technology - hydrometallurgy. Elements of the fourth industry at this enterprise were introduced through the use of a corporate information management system.
A project is underway to reconstruct the Nurkazgan concentration plant with an increase in productivity of 3%. Digitalization of production processes is envisaged: from extraction, processing, transportation, and ending with the production of finished products.
In addition, the implementation of the ERP information system for asset management, maintenance and repair is being implemented. The object of the pilot implementation of the project is the Zhomart mine.
ArcelorMittal Temirtau introduces a process control system - MES.
The system will fully automate the production process, including product quality control.
Shubarkol Komir JSC is working on the implementation of an integrated enterprise management system that interconnects planning, financial accounting, sales, production volume, etc.
Since 2018, Zhairemsky GOK JSC has begun construction of a highly automated processing plant for the processing of polymetallic ores with a design capacity of up to 5 million tons per year and putting it into operation in 2020.
The foundry and machine-building enterprise Maker LLP has completely updated the machine park with modern robotic equipment. Modernization will allow to organize a full cycle of development and manufacture of spare parts, components and mechanisms for the mining industry.
In addition to the above-mentioned projects, on the projects of JV Alaygyr LLP, Molodezhniy Razrez LLP, Kounrad Copper Company LLP, in agreement with the enterprises, Roadmaps for the implementation of automation tools were developed. In addition, issues are being worked out to provide these enterprises with additional communication channels.
At the same time, work continues to support digitalization and innovation on the basis of the “one-stop shop” principle, to identify, disclose and develop the innovative potential of the region, the need for digital and innovative products, promote innovative projects and provide comprehensive assistance to their initiators in the territory of the Karaganda region.
In accordance with the plan, in 2018, 28 events were held, among which several main ones can be distinguished:
- Creation and maintenance of the “Innovation and Investment Site”;
- Creation and maintenance of a site for innovative marathons, which is planned to be used in future work;
- Mass events were held with the involvement of innovators not only in our region, but also from all over Kazakhstan. For example, a youth competition among schoolchildren and students with the possibility of future commercialization of innovative projects “Saryarka Bolashagi”;
- 3 innovative marathons “Hackathon” were held.
Assistance was provided in filing 10 applications for a patent of the Republic of Kazakhstan for an invention, as well as 15 applications for grant financing to development institutions.

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