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Within the industrial-innovative development of the region, work continues on the development of new technologies in various sectors of the economy.
At the end of 2017, 257 enterprises or an increase of 8% over the period of last year (238 enterprises) indicated the availability of innovations.
The share of innovation-active enterprises of the Karaganda region in all types of innovations was 11.1% or an increase of 0.5% from the previous year.
The volume of innovative products amounted to 32,048 million tenge or a growth of 2.3% over the period of the previous year (31,327.2 million tenge).
In the region, the highest innovation activity is observed among large enterprises, 58 enterprises carry out innovation activity - this is 32.8% of the total number of enterprises in the region.
In 2017, the number of organizations (enterprises) that carried out research and development and development was 33 units, the internal costs of them - 4.3 billion tenge.
The share of innovative products in the total volume of GRP for 2017 in the amount of 0.81%, for 2018 it is planned - 3.3%.
Today, large mining and metallurgical enterprises continue to work on the introduction of new technologies and digitalization, as well as elements of Industry 4.0.
In the Karaganda region 2 events are being implemented:
1) The introduction of elements of Industry 4.0 on mining companies;
2) Creation of model digital factories.
On the introduction of elements of Industry 4.0 at mining companies in the period from 2017 to 2020, 4 enterprises implement projects totaling 132.5 billion tenge.
1) JSC AK Altynalmas - Creation of a “Digital Mine” (2017 - 2019 in the amount of 5.8 billion tenge);
2) ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC - Implementation of the MES system (2017-2019 in the amount of 2 billion tenge);
3) “Kazakhmys Corporation” LLP - Creation of a unified information system for production management, technical maintenance and repairs (2019 in the amount of 5.7 billion tenge);
4) “Kazakhmys Corporation” LLP - “Smart Mine” at the Zhomart and Nurkazgan fields (2019-2020 in the amount of 6.7 billion tenge);
5) KazZinc LLP - Highly automated concentrating plant Polymetal Zhairem (2020 totaling 112.3 billion tenge).
According to the event “Creation of model digital factories” in the Karaganda region, 2 enterprises (Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, Eurasian Foods JSC) were identified as “Model Digital Factories”.
In the current year, a technology audit will be conducted at the enterprises. Based on the results, road maps for the implementation of Industry 4.0 elements will be developed with the selection of technologies taking into account the specifics of production. And their implementation will begin.
At the same time, in order to implement innovation activities in the region and to support regional scientific research, a Regional Innovation Office has been established under the JSC “NK“ SEC “Saryarka”.
The main tasks of the ROI are to support innovations on the “one-stop” principle, identify, discover and develop the innovative potential of the region, the need for innovative products, promote innovative projects and provide comprehensive assistance to their initiators in the Karaganda region.
For the operation of the ROI and the provision of the above services, for the first time, more than 200 million tenge was allocated from the regional budget.
The regional office of innovations will hold free consultations for innovators and other interested parties on state support tools for industrial innovation, field seminars and consultations in the cities of our region, conduct informational work with the population in regional media, interact with manufacturing enterprises and the scientific startup community to solve technological tasks. Also, a call center will function at the IC.
In addition, to develop the principles of formation and mechanisms for the practical implementation of the scientific, scientific, technical, educational and innovation policy of the Karaganda region, a Council on science, innovations and new technologies of the Karaganda region was created.
The Council includes representatives of universities, research institutes, regional development institutes, government agencies, business associations and heads of industrial enterprises.
The main objective of this Council is to involve the potential of science in solving technological problems of production, including the implementation of Industry 4.0.

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