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Construction is one of the priority directions of economic development.
In 2017, construction work in the region as a whole was produced by 171 billion tenge, including the volume of construction and assembly work - by 124.3 billion tenge (72.7%), for capital repairs - by 22.7 billion tenge (13.3%), to the current repair - by 24 billion tenge (14%).
The largest volume of construction work was performed on the construction of highways and roads - 32.1 billion tenge, facilities for the mining and manufacturing industries - 26 billion tenge, transmission devices - 26.9 billion tenge, industrial buildings - 27.2 billion tenge and residential buildings - 29.9 billion tenge.
In terms of regions, the largest share of the regional volume of construction work falls on the cities of Karaganda (30.5%), Temirtau (14.8%) and Satpayev (10.8%).
In 2017, the construction of 1,059 new buildings was completed, including 831 residential and 228 non-residential buildings. The total area of commissioned residential buildings was 374.1 thousand square meters. housing growth by 9.8% by 2016. 3393 families received access to new housing, which is 20.8% more than in 2016.
37.9% of the volume of commissioned housing accounted for individual housing (141.7 thousand m²), 24.5% for commercial (91.8 thousand m²) and 37.6% for public sector housing (140.6 thousand .m²)
46 billion tenge or 125.7% by 2016 was invested in housing construction. In 2017, at the expense of budget funds, construction and reconstruction of 12 social facilities were provided, including: 4 secondary schools, a boarding school for children with visual impairment, a kindergarten, a regional multi-disciplinary children's hospital in the city of Karagandy, 2 health and fitness facilities complexes, an indoor pool in the city of Abay, the building of the Kirov police department of the Internal Affairs Directorate of Karaganda and the administrative building of the regional special library for the blind and visually impaired in Karaganda.
For these purposes from the budget 4 324 million tenge are provided, including from the republican budget - 761 million tenge, from the National Fund - 2 234 million tenge, from the regional budget - 1 329 million tenge.
4 facilities were built and commissioned:
- in the framework of the “Nurly Zhol” program, a boarding school for children with visual impairment was introduced for 250 places in Karaganda;
- according to the program of development of sports facilities, a fitness center for 160 spectator seats was put into operation in Shakhterskoe, Nurinsky District;
- under the program “Construction of objects of public order and security” - the building of the Kirov police department of the Internal Affairs Directorate of Karaganda
- according to the program “Target transfers for development from local budgets” an indoor pool in the city of Abay.

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