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One of the priority tasks in the region remains the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Today, more than 84 thousand business entities operate in the region, 236.1 thousand people are employed in this area - every third working resident of the region. In 2018, the volume of their production exceeded 1325 billion tenge.
Since the beginning of the implementation of the Business Roadmap 2020 program, 1,576 projects have been supported for a total of 171.6 billion tenge, including 172 projects worth 11 billion tenge were approved in 2018. The measures of state support for this program have contributed to the expansion of production for the production of metal products, the acquisition of advanced agricultural equipment, the renewal of fleets, and the modernization of medical equipment. As a result, more than 73.7 thousand available jobs were saved at the enterprises of the region and about 21.4 thousand new jobs were created (in 2018, 4 239 jobs were saved, 2 201 thousand were created new ones). The budget received 24.3 billion tenge of tax payments (2018 - 153 million tenge).
Since 2017, the real support to business has been the implementation of the new Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship.
In 2018, under the Bastau Business project, 1,989 start-up entrepreneurs were trained for the year. Received preferential microloans for 1,245 rural and urban residents.

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