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The action on legalization of property and financial assets of citizens, launched on September 1, 2014 in the Republic of Kazakhstan, ended on December 31, 2016.
The carried out action on property legalization allowed the citizens of the Republic to enter into legal circulation the existing property and financial assets not only in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also outside the country.
For the entire period of the action, commissions at akimats received 1314 applications for property legalization, of which 558 applications were returned, 756 applications were satisfied for the amount of legalized property 12.9 billion tenge.
According to 756 applications, 820 objects were legalized, of which: 121 residential objects in the amount of 1.6 billion tenge and 699 non-residential objects in the amount of 11.3 billion tenge.
The largest number of objects legalized: in the city of Karaganda - 288 objects in the amount of 6.7 billion tenge, Zhana-Arkinskom area - 154 to 128.5 million tenge, Zhezkazgan - 73 to 699.2 million tenge, Temirtau - 54 to 692.8 million tenge.
According to the value of the legalized property: the highest cost is in the city of Karaganda in the amount of 6.7 billion tenge, in Bukhar-Zhyrausk district in 1.6 billion tenge, in the city of Satpayev - in 847.8 million tenge.
Following the results of legalization, an analysis was made of the value of legalized property for residential and non-residential facilities in the context of cities and regions.
The total area of 820 legalized facilities amounted to 248.1 thousand square meters, of which residential - 18.4 thousand square meters, non-residential - 229.7 thousand square meters.
The average cost of legalized 1 (one) square. meters for residential facilities amounted to 89.2 thousand tenge, for non-residential - 49.1 thousand tenge.
The highest average cost of a legalized 1 (one) square. meters in the city of Satpayev 98.4 thousand tenge, the city of Shakhtinsk - 93.7 thousand tenge and Shetsky district - 83.3 thousand tenge.
The lowest average cost in the Ulytau district is 10.1 thousand tenge and Abay district - 13 thousand tenge.
The legalization campaign made it possible to identify assets that will continue to work for the economy, replenishing the budget of the region through taxes.
According to the calculations of the regions, the expected receipt of property tax on legalized objects will be about 60.3 million tenge.

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