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The dominant share in the structure of gross regional product is industry - 47.9%.
Including, the share of manufacturing in the total GRP of the region is 32.1%, mining - 11.5%, electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning - 3.4%, water supply; sewer system, control over the collection and distribution of waste - 0.9%.
The industrial base of the region is formed by more than 200 enterprises and production of mining, manufacturing, electricity and water supply.
In 2018, the volume of production in the region amounted to 2 566.5 billion tenge, the index of physical volume of industrial production - 100.2%.
In the mining industry and quarrying, products worth 331.7 billion tenge were produced. Extraction of metal ores increased by 7.4%, the volume of technical services in the mining industry - 1.6 times.
In the manufacturing industry, the volume of production amounted to 2004.1 billion tenge, the index of physical volume - 98.9%.
Among manufacturing industries, there is an increase in non-ferrous metallurgy (by 0.1%), engineering (by 34.9%), pharmaceuticals (by 43.1%), food production (by 2.9%), and other non-metallic mineral products ( 2.6%).
The implementation of a whole range of government measures aimed at the restoration of certain manufacturing industries, such as import substitution policies, the implementation of government programs, the provision of tax benefits and preferences, allowed for the stable growth of production volumes and the commissioning of new enterprises.
In the framework of the republican action plan, work was carried out to support industrial enterprises of the region: Tau-Ken Temir LLP and Temirtau Electrometallurgical Plant JSC.
This is a solution to questions on the application of reducing coefficients for electricity tariffs.
ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC
The volume of steel production in 2018 amounted to 3,300.7 thousand tons against the fact in 2017 (4,042.9 thousand tons), a decrease of 18.4%, shipments of rolled products - 3,208.1 thousand tons, a decrease of 13, 9% (3 726 thousand tons). The main reason for the decline in AMT was the suspension of the metallurgical plant from November 10 to December 28 due to an accident at the gas pipeline.
In 2019, pig iron production is planned to increase by 22.1% by 2018, steel production - by 28%, and flat steel shipments by 20%.
The volume of coal production in 2018 amounted to 10,010.6 thousand tons or 98.6% (10,151 thousand tons).
Coal mining is planned for 2019 at 11.2 million tons against 10 million tons in 2018 (12%).
The company is implementing an investment project to increase steel production up to 5 million tons per year, which is included in the republican map of industrialization.
At the metallurgical plant of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, as part of the modernization of production in March 2019, it is planned to complete the investment project to launch the ladle furnace No. 3.
The launch of the new installation will allow to stabilize the work of continuous casting machines (CCM). As a result, each caster will be provided with sufficient quantities of raw materials.
Implementation of the investment project started in 2017. The project is being completed.
In order to stabilize the blast furnace production, reconstruction and overhaul of sintering machine No. 5 is ongoing, the launch is scheduled for 2019.
In sheet rolling shop No. 1, the reconstruction of the hot rolling mill continues to expand the range of rolled products and yield suitable products.
LLP "Corporation" Kazakhmys "
In Kazakhmys Corporation, the production of refined copper in 2018 amounted to 319.3 thousand tons or 99.3% compared to the fact of 2017, refined gold - 8 823 kg or an increase of 9.1%.
In December 2018, the second ore-thermal furnace No. 1 was launched at the Zhezkazgan smelter.
In 2019, Kazakhmys Corporation plans to produce 363.9 thousand tons of copper, or an increase of 13.9%.
Since 2010, in the framework of the State Program for Industrial and Innovative Development, 87 investment projects in the amount of 292 billion tenge have been implemented in the region, more than 6 thousand new jobs have been created.
In 2018, 3 projects were implemented for 39.9 billion tenge, 489 jobs were created:
- “Modernization of engineering production” of Maker LLP with a design capacity of 11.9 thousand tons of products (industry - engineering). The project cost 13.7 billion tenge, 99 jobs have been created;
- “Construction of a plant for the production of cathode copper” Sary-Arka Copper Processing LLP with a design capacity of 6 thousand tons (metallurgy industry). The project cost is 14.1 billion tenge; 350 jobs have been created;
- “Increasing the productivity of the ZIF Pustynnoye AK Altynalmas JSC with a design capacity of 2.3 million tons of ore per year, 2900 kg of gold (the industry is the production of basic precious and non-ferrous metals). The project cost is 12.1 billion tenge; 40 jobs have been created.
New manufactures of the Entrepreneurship Support Card produced products worth 845.9 billion tenge, including 263.4 billion tenge in 2018.

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