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In the structure of the gross regional product, the predominant share is industry - 45.44%.
In particular, the share of the processing industry in the total volume of the region's GRP is 31.09%, mining - 10.17%, electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning - 3.34%, water supply; sewer system, control over the collection and distribution of waste - 0.84%.
The industrial policy and industrial base of the region is formed by more than 200 enterprises and industries of the mining, manufacturing, power supply and water supply.
For 2017, the volume of production in the region amounted to 2 318.4 billion tenge, the volume index of industrial production - 105.5%.
In the mining industry and the development of quarries produced products worth 271.2 billion tenge. Coal and lignite mining increased by 2.5%, metal and iron ores - by 5.6% and 3.5% respectively, non-ferrous metal ores - by 5.9%, the volume of technical services in the field of mining industry - 2.3 times.
In the manufacturing industry, the volume of production amounted to 1,770.7 billion tenge, the physical volume index was 103.2%.
Among the manufacturing industries, there is an increase in light industry (by 7.7%), paper and paper products (by 16.4%), rubber and plastic products (by 9.5%), other non-metal products of mineral products (by 3,5%), chemical products (by 5.8%), pharmaceuticals (by 29.7%), metallurgy (by 5.9%), mechanical engineering (by 19.9%).
The implementation of a whole range of government measures aimed at restoring individual branches of the manufacturing industry, such as import substitution policies, implementation of state and government programs, the provision of tax incentives and preferences, ensured a steady increase in production and the introduction of new enterprises.
Within the framework of the republican plan of activities, work was carried out to support industrial enterprises of the region: Tau-Ken Temir LLP, Temirtau Electrometallurgical Combine JSC.
This is a solution to questions about the application of reduction factors for tariffs for electricity.
JSC ArcelorMittal Temirtau
The volume of steel production in 2017 amounted to 4,049.7 thousand tons with an increase of 4.9% by 2016 (3,859.6 thousand tons), and shipments of rolled products - 3,726 thousand tons with an increase of 1.1% (3,686 thousand tons).
In 2018, production of pig iron is planned to increase by 4.7% than in 2017, steel production - by 7.6%, flat steel - by 3.3%.
The volume of coal production for 2017 left 10,151.2 thousand tons with an increase of 0.3% (10,125 thousand tons).
Coal mining is planned for 2018 by 11.0 million tons compared to 10.2 million tons in 2017 (8.4%).
The company is implementing an investment project to increase steel production to 6.0 million tons per year, which is included in the republican map of industrialization.
In order to stabilize the operation of the blast furnace in 2017, the reconstruction and overhaul of sinter machine No. 6 was completed (from April 10 to June 24, 75 days long).
To improve the quality of the metal and the production of new steel grades in AMT, a furnace is being built at Bucket No. 3 (beginning – IV quarter of 2017, completion - III quarter of 2018).
The reconstruction of the hot rolling mill of 1700 mm continues. Sheet rolling shop № 1.
LLP "Corporation" Kazakhmys "
In the "Kazakhmys Corporation" the index of physical volume of refined copper output was 106.6%, refined gold - 128.3%.
In 2018, Kazakhmys Corporation LLP plans to produce copper at the level of last year, about (320 thousand tons).
As part of the State program of industrial-innovative development, since 2010, 84 investment projects worth 252.1 billion tenge have been implemented in the region, more than 6,000 new jobs have been created.
In 2017, 8 projects were implemented for 7.7 billion tenge, 301 jobs were created, of which we can mention:
- the project of Seven Refractories Asia LLP - construction of a plant for the production of refractory materials, which provides for the creation of waste-free high-tech production of monolithic refractories in the FEZ "Saryarka", which will meet international standards and have competitive qualities.
- The project of the company “Recycling Company” LLP, carrying out its activities in the field of recycling of outdated vehicles. This is the first and only plant in the Central Asian region. The main goal is to protect the environment and protect public health, as well as reduce the negative impact of harmful substances, decommissioned vehicles into the atmosphere and soil. The plant covers the disposal of auto trash throughout the country, operates on modern, high-tech equipment, and the presence of an industrial Internet at the plant speaks of compliance with the requirements of digitalization and Industry 4.0.
 New productions of the Business Support Card produced industrial products for 624.5 billion tenge, including in 2017 - 192 billion tenge.

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