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The region is conducting effective and systematic work to strengthen the rule of law.
At the end of 2017, the number of registration of ordinary offenses decreased by 13.4% (from 26,781 to 23,180).
There is a decrease in serious crimes by 13.6% (from 2,111 to 1,824), incl. the number of robberies decreased by 18.1% (from 975 to 799), robberies by 14% (from 50 to 43), hooliganism by 29.8% (from 968 to 680), fraud by 3.4% ( from 1,849 to 1,786), extortion - by 2.2% (from 45 to 44), theft of another's property - by 13.2% (from 17 021 to 14 774), incl. residential thefts - by 23% (from 3,686 to 2,838), thefts of livestock - by 1.3% (from 389 to 384), thefts of mobile phones - by 18.3% (from 4,204 to 3,434) and theft of cars - by 39.5% (from 114 to 69).
The number of criminal offenses committed in public places decreased by 15.1% (from 7,585 to 6,443), on the streets - by 5.1% (from 3,232 to 3,068).
The number of crimes committed by minors decreased by 24.3% (from 305 to 231), previously committed by 34.1% (from 2,823 to 1,860).
Improved crime detection rates with the participation of local police inspectors by 2.7% (from 5,297 to 5,441).
The number of road accidents decreased by 8.4% (from 797 to 730), the number of people killed - by 7.3% (from 150 to 139), injured of varying severity - by 5.2% (from 972 to 921).
In order to stabilize the operational environment, a number of organizational and practical measures are being taken.
As part of the overall prevention, 17 operational and preventive measures were carried out, taking into account the analysis of 250 local mining operations in the most criminogenic areas.
On an ongoing basis, maneuvering is carried out by the integrated police forces. In the most criminogenic places, more than 107 local preventive workings were carried out.
In order to ensure prompt response to the criminal offenses committed, in accordance with the schedule, training sessions on typical street crimes are held: “Robbery of another's property” and “Group fight”, which in turn has a positive impact on the disclosure of these types of crimes.
In addition, the service of mobile crews from among the staff of the road patrol police and other interested services of the local police service was additionally organized on the most dangerous parts of the roads.
In order to improve transport discipline among drivers, together with representatives of interested bodies and departments, including mass media, targeted preventive measures and testing were carried out (14 preventive and road activities such as “Sobriety Control”, “Bus”, “Safe Road”, “Clean City - Clean Room”, etc.) were carried out.
The work on the identification of administrative offenses of preventive value has been intensified.
Together with the interested bodies, large-scale actions are carried out quarterly to form a “zero tolerance” in society for offenses and disorder.
The performance indicators for identifying violations of the territory improvement rules were increased by 11.8% (from 16,359 to 18,285) and the maintenance of dogs and cats - by 23.9% (from 5,546 to 6,870) and others.

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