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Budget (revenue and expenditure parts of the budget)


In 2018, taxes and other obligatory payments were received to the regional budget in the amount of 154.9 billion tenge, or 104.9% of the plan (plan - 147.6 billion tenge).
Compared with 2017, revenues increased by 18 billion tenge. Execution on targeted transfers and loans allocated from the republican budget amounted to 46.4 billion tenge or 98% of the plan.
The expenditure budget of the region was spent in the amount of 307.9 billion tenge, or 99.3% with the plan (309.8 billion tenge).

Implementing a 4th level budget
In the Karaganda region, there are 202 village akimats. Of them, in 47 settlements with a population of more than 2 thousand people, independent budgets were approved on January 1, 2018.
The amount of approved local government budgets for 2019 is 6.6 billion tenge, of which subventions from the higher budget are 4.3 billion tenge.
At the expense of these funds, expenses are spent on preschool education, improvement, repair and maintenance of roads, lighting, management apparatus, cultural and leisure activities and others.

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