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In the reporting period, the activities of local executive bodies of the region were aimed at implementing the State Program for the Development and Functioning of Languages of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2019.
State language training was conducted in 13 regions of the region on the basis of 5 centers and 13 courses of study, where 2199 people were trained since the beginning of the year (plan - 2104 people). Compared to 2017, this indicator is 10% higher (2017 - 2000 people).
English language training is organized in all regions of the region. In total, from the beginning of 2018, 1576 people studied in the region, instead of the planned 1 399 people. This figure is 20.9% higher compared to 2017 (2017 - 1304 people).
During the year, intensive work was carried out in the region to determine the level of knowledge of the state language of employees of state bodies and organizations that provide public services through the Kaztest system. The testing covered 3,214 people, of which 3,087 (96%) confirmed their knowledge of the state language at different levels.
 In general, the test results showed that 44.5% of civil servants speak the Kazakh language at an average and above average (B1, B2) levels; 1.1% - at a high level (C1). 61.4% of employees in the provision of public services confirmed their knowledge of the language at intermediate and higher intermediate levels (B1, B2); 3.7% - at a high level (C1).
5 meetings of the commission on improving the state language policy were held, where issues of the implementation of the language legislation and the State program of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the development and functioning of languages by state institutions and organizations for the provision of public services of the Karaganda region were considered.
In order to promote the state language, the policy of trilingualism and the transition of the state language to the Latin script, the work of information and propaganda groups was actively carried out, which, as part of prominent public figures, linguistic scholars and multilingual youth, held meetings with various sectors of the population of the region's regions.
In order to improve the linguistic culture of the region’s inhabitants, an international scientific and practical conference dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Islyam Zharylgapov “Kazak sқzzhasamy: Tarikhs, Buginі, Keleshegi”, the republican scientific and practical conference “Shortanbay zhyrau tulgasyty: dәuіr shyntyanyndyғınıғınıғınınıғınınıngıtırındınınıngıtırınınıkıtas 200th anniversary of Shortanbay zhyrau Kanayұly, the republican competition of masters of artistic reading named after Kasym Amanzholov "Duniege keller әlі talai Қasym", competition of readers for the 350th anniversary of Bukhara zhyrau "ӨleӨ - sөzdіn danasy" et al.
A training seminar “Actual Issues in Teaching the State Language and Mother Tongues” was organized for teachers of courses at ethnocultural associations.
It has become a tradition to present the prize of the regional akim “Til genashyry” for his contribution to the development and promotion of the state language. In 2018, 7 people working in various industries became the laureates.
In 2018, positive conclusions were given by the regional and republican onomastic commissions on the name and renaming of 7 administrative-territorial units, 284 components and 9 educational institutions. The onomastic objects of the cities of Karaganda, Saran, Temirtau, Zhezkazgan, Karazhal and Osakarovsky, Bukhar-Zhyrausky, Nurinsky, Abaysky, Aktogaysky, Zhanaarkinsky, Karkaraly, Ulytau and Shetsky districts were renamed.
Within the framework of the program “Rukhani zhagyru”, according to the results of studying the toponymy of the Ulytau region of the Karaganda region, the scientific work “Toponymy of the Ulytau region” was published.
In order to implement the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the translation of the Kazakh alphabet into Latin script, a nationwide dictation, approbation dictation was held, trainings “Kazakh Osh, Latin Jazz”, “Latin Jazyp Ureneyyk”, online campaign “Audio dictation online intellect online, on -game “Makhaldy zhalastyr”, the projects “9 Kala, 9 audan”, “Bigingui”, “Latyn-karaoke” were implemented, a survey was organized on the topic: “Latin Ulipbіmen sauatta jazyp ренyrengіnіz kele me?”. Organized work to improve the skills of regional specialists in the Latin alphabet.
Measures to switch to the Latin alphabet covered 160 thousand 643 people.
In order to provide information support for the language policy, quarterly media plans were developed and approved, according to which in 2018, 2011 materials were published in local, regional and republican media (television, print media, Internet resources), of which 671 (33%) were on language policy, 218 (11%) - in onomastics, 386 (19%) - in trilingualism, 736 (37%) - in translating the Kazakh alphabet into Latin script.
Information support of the state language policy was carried out as part of quarterly media plans. On the Saryarka TV channel, the release of a special project was continued: “Tele lessons for the study of three languages (Kazakh, Russian, English),” which started in 2017. On the Birinshi Karagandy TV channel, the Sz-Zolde project was implemented, where teams of gymnasiums and colleges of the region competed in knowledge of ancient Kazakh words. In the local print media, the sections "Kazakh-English Dictionaries", "Tilashar in Kazakh and Russian", "Language Herald", aimed at teaching the state language, are open.
In general, 2011 materials on the language sphere were published in regional mass media (1240 articles, 78 subjects, 11 television programs, 72 television programs, 85 Internet articles, 525 posts on social networks). Also, information on the activities carried out by the management has been published on such popular information portals as Tengrinews, Debyet Portals, Mendenet, Til Elemi, Qasym.kz. The average value of the content share in state media for 2018 in the Kazakh language was 69%.

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