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In 2017, in the Karaganda region, 2,000 people were trained in the state language, of which: 343 (17.1%) are state employees; 1460 (73%) - employees in the provision of public services (PSC, education, law enforcement, medical, banking, mail, etc.); 197 (9.8%) are individuals.
1304 people were trained in English, of which: 314 (24%) are civil servants; 803 (61.6%) - employees in the provision of public services (PSC, education, law enforcement, medical, banking, mail, etc.); 187 (14.32%) - individuals.
To determine the level of proficiency in the state language, 4,585 people were tested by the Kaztest system, of which they confirmed their knowledge: 4023 for diagnostic testing and 562 for certification testing.
In the region, the specific volume of incoming documents in the state language on document flow was 69.9%, outgoing documents - 89.5%.
A number of measures were taken to popularize the state language and promote the idea of trilingualism. In particular, the competitions “Daniege Köhler іlіtalay Қasym”, “Abai oқulari”, “Tildaryn”, the literary and creative competition of young poets and writers, publicist artists named after қуseleu Seydimbek. On the 350th anniversary of Kazdausty Kazybek bi, a republican scientific-practical conference “Ulttyk rukhaniyat zhane Kazdauysty Kazybek bi-marasy” was held, a monograph on the life and work of Set Neimanbayuly was published.
In 2017, at the meetings of the Republican and Oblast Onomastic Commission, the proposals were reviewed and positive conclusions were given on changing obsolete ideological points of view, returning historical names to them or assigning them names meeting the requirements of the ideology of today in 7 settlements, 11 microdistricts, 189 the streets.
Within the framework of the monthly organized to clarify the requirements of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Languages in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, 1982 (25%) of the more than 8 thousand visual information and outdoor advertising in the region were covered with raid events. 539 violations were revealed, 452 (84%) were corrected. Along with this, on the basis of written statements received from individuals, unscheduled inspections were conducted on 5 sites, all offenses were eliminated. In order to provide information support to the state language policy, quarterly media plans were developed and approved.
In 2017, 1,235 materials were placed on local, regional and republican mass media (10 television programs, 11 interviews, 48 plots, 60 TV shows, 4 video clips and 1102 articles published).

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