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The state network of objects of culture and archives includes 669 objects of culture, art and archives: 318 libraries, 271 club-type organizations, 21 video cars, 5 theaters, 20 museums, 20 archives, 2 concert organizations, the regional scientific and methodological center of leisure and folk art, the center preservation of historical and cultural heritage, 7 parks of culture and rest, cinema, exhibition hall and zoo.
Within the framework of the Program for the Development of Productive Employment and Mass Entrepreneurship for 2017-2021, Enbek allocated funds in the amount of 526.6 million tenge for the current and overhaul of 27 cultural objects and archives. 267 people were involved, including 137 people from the Employment Center.
One of the most important areas of activity in the field of culture is the study and preservation of historical and cultural heritage. For these purposes in 2018 113.9 million tenge were allocated:
archaeological research on the monuments of ancient metallurgy in Central Kazakhstan, funeral monuments of the Bronze Age of chariot culture, the burial of Donғal II, burial grounds of Karakoytas, Aksara (Karkaraly district), monuments of Tasaral on Lake Balkhash (Aktogai district), the settlement of Basgyamyr (Ulytau region);
restoration work at the mausoleums of Ainan, Ospan, Aktogai region, Kylysh of the Nurinsky district, Kutzhan Kazhy of the Shetsky district, the Duligaly mosque, the mausoleum of Zhanibek, the Terekty necropolis, at the archaeological complexes of Embulak, Taldyysay of the Ulytau district, Sangyarkun – 1,2,3;
socially significant projects are aimed at publishing the catalog: “Archaeological and Ethnographic Collection of the Museum”, compiling an archaeological map: “Maps of archaeological sites of the Shetsky district”, publishing books: “Cultural Heritage of the Peoples of Kazakhstan: History and Present”, “Historical and Archaeological Atlas and Eponymous Monuments of the Karaganda region ”,“ Arkanyk Antogayy ”,“ Saryarka petroglifter Alemi ”and“ Sacred Kazakhstan ”.
In the Karaganda region there are 16 museums and 4 branches.
The total number of exhibits stored in museums of the region is 360,667 storage units, of which 262,010 storage units are of the main fund. Under the program of preserving, recording, completing and studying the historical and cultural heritage, museums in the region are collecting and researching, during which 5501 exhibits were collected in 2018 - ethnographic, decorative and applied arts, painting, etc.
During the reporting period, 516,773 people visited the region's museums (in 2017 - 507,973 people).
To date, the system of the state library network includes 318 libraries, of which 243 are rural libraries. 105 libraries in the region have the status of a model library.
The book fund has 6 million 011 thousand 237 publications, including 2 million 243 thousand 323 in the state language; 372 thousand 210 readers were served; book delivery amounted to 7 million 385 thousand 846 copies, of which 2 million 835 thousand copies in the village.
In order to implement the cultural policy of Kazakhstan, 319 cultural and leisure enterprises of the state and other forms of ownership are actively working.
For spiritual education and self-realization of creative abilities in the club institutions of the region 1762 club formations with 32,391 participants are steadily working. Including circles and groups of amateur performances there are 1218 groups, with the number of participants 21158 people.
There are 1176 club formations in the village with 16,235 participants, including 965 amateur groups with 13711 participants.
In the Saryzhailau cinema for the reporting period, 2611 sessions were held, 160,563 spectators were covered. 136 impressions with the number of visitors 9221 were carried out on the road. In 2018, premieres of the Kazakhstani films “Kaz dauysty Kazybek bi”, “Komekey Kuliye”, “Umire” took place.
As of 01.01.2019, there are 5 theaters and 2 concert organizations in the Karaganda region.
In 2018, theaters and concert organizations staged 1718 performances, of which 32 new productions and 1344 concerts. Performances were attended by 290 177 spectators. The number of spectators of the concerts was 1,541,742 people.
In 2018, the volume of paid services in theatrical and entertainment organizations amounted to 206 million 454 thousand tenge, which is 5 million 823 thousand tenge more compared to 2017 (200 million 631 thousand tenge).
An invariable part of archival work is the provision of public services for the issuance of archival certificates. In 2018, 57,497 archival certificates were issued, of which 2,548 were issued through the state corporation Government for Citizens, and 9,707 through the e-government portal.
Work is underway on the Electronic Archive information system to translate documents into electronic format. In 2018, 7396 documents were translated.
Celebratory events dedicated to state and significant dates are outstanding events in the cultural life of the region. Thanksgiving Day, Nauryz Meiramy, Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan, Day of Defender of the Fatherland, Victory Day were celebrated everywhere in the region; The ceremony of awarding the akim of the region to the workers of culture and art of the Karaganda region was held, the following events became a major event in the cultural life of the Karaganda residents: І International festival of zhyrshy-zhyrau, dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Bhar-zhyrau Kalkaman-ı within the framework of the program “Rukhani zhaңғyru”, Astana Culture Days Karaganda region, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the capital, a festive event dedicated to the International Theater Day, new premiere performances in the theaters of the region, concerts of a symphony, jazz nut strov with invited soloists and conductors (. Astana, Almaty, Moscow, Turkey, France, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc.), I International Music Festival in Ulytau with the participation of countries near and far abroad, International Symposium on the 45th anniversary of . Satpaev "Қ.I. Stbaev - Tұlғa. Patriot. Ғalym ”, I International Theater Festival Zh.A. Khadzhieva, the republican competition of variety performers "Zhuldyz-2018", the opening of concert and theater seasons, the participation of regional theaters in international theater festivals (Russia, Serbia, Turkey), regional Bukharazhyrau readings dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Bukhar Zhyrau, republican scientific -Practical conference "Children's reading, as the intellectual potential of the country: problems and solutions", dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Regional Children's Library. Abaya, the premiere of the play “Komekey Guliye” dedicated to the 350th anniversary of Bukhar Zhyrau, the XXth International Festival “Musical Saryarka”, the 8th festival of operetta and musical “DosStar”, the opening ceremony of the memorial sign to the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kanat Akhmetov on the Avenue of Stars, celebration 45- anniversary of the Academic Theater of Musical Comedy, the 80th anniversary of the Karaganda Concert Association named after K. Bayzhanov, the VII Republican contest of performers on Kazakh folk instruments named after Tattimba, Republican VIIIII Amanzholov readings “Sen netken bakytty edin, keller ұrpaқ ...”, celebration of the Day of the First President, Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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