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The state network of cultural objects and archives includes 673 objects: 322 libraries (including 247 rural), 271 club-type organizations, 21 video mobiles, 5 theaters, 20 museums, 20 archives, 2 concert organizations, regional scientific and methodical center of leisure and folk art, a center for the preservation of historical and cultural heritage, 7 recreation parks, a cinema, an exhibition hall and a zoo.
One of the most important activities in the field of culture is the study and preservation of the invaluable historical and cultural heritage. In 2017, the following types of work were carried out:
- archaeological research of ancient metallurgy monuments of Central Kazakhstan, monuments of the Zolotoordinsky period, monuments of the Bronze Age of the Karazhartas burial, Esil.
- archaeological maps of Aktogai district were compiled and issued, the archaeological heritage of Central Kazakhstan was studied.
- Restoration and research work on the mausoleums of Torak, Zhangabyl, Nurlan, the mausoleum of Begazy-Dandybayevskaya period of the Bronze Age of the Karazhartas burial ground.
In the Karaganda region, there are 16 museums and 4 branches.
The total number of exhibits stored in the museums of the region on 01/01/2018. It is 354959 units of storage, of which the main stock - 258985 units of storage. The program of preservation, registration, acquisition and study of historical and cultural heritage of the museums of the region is collecting and research work. Museums of the region in the course of research and gathering activities for the 12 months of 2017. 5775 exhibits have been collected - objects of ethnography, decorative and applied arts, objects of painting, etc.
During the reporting period, the museums of the region were visited by 507 thousand 973 people.
The book fund has 6 million 066 thousand 288 editions, including 2 million 898 thousand 090 copies in the village, 364 thousand 241 readers were served, book distribution makes 7 million 397 thousand 170 copies, of which 2 in the village 859 thousand. 159 copies
In order to implement the cultural policy of Kazakhstan, 300 cultural and leisure institutions of the region are actively working. At the cultural and leisure enterprises of the region there are 1753 club formations with the number of participants 35065 people, including circles and amateur groups numbering 1252 teams, with the number of participants 21390 people.
There are 1161 club formations in the village with the number of participants of 15978 people, including amateur performances - 958 groups, 13569 participants.
The constant part of archival work is the provision of government services for the issuance of archival certificates. For 12 months, 56,708 archival certificates were issued, 6104 of them through the Government for Citizens state corporation, and 1863 through the “e-government portal”.
Work is underway on the information system "Electronic Archive" to translate documents into electronic format. In total for 12 months of 2017, 9906 documents were translated.
2017 is full of events at the national level - the celebration of the 350th anniversary of Kazybek bi, the 150th anniversary of Asset Naymanbayuly, and the Days of Culture of the Regions in Astana as part of the specialized international exhibition EXPO. From 4 to 9 September 2017, the Days of Culture of the Karaganda region were held in Astana within the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017. On September 5, the Days of Culture of the Karaganda region were opened in Astana in Ethno-Aul on the territory of the Kazanat racetrack. Karaganda residents prepared an extensive program for residents and guests of the capital - they brought exhibitions of paintings and handicrafts, theater and musical creativity was presented, and on the same day a gala concert took place on the stage of the Amphitheater. As part of the Action Plan to celebrate the 350th anniversary of Kazdauysty Kazybek bi, the following events were held: mass celebrations in the settlement of Egindibulak, Karkaraly District, international aytys with participation of citizens from Mongolia, China, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, the Republican jyrshy-termeshi contest Kazbek bi ”, the opening of the exhibition“ Atadan ғAlkan asyl mұra ”from the funds of the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana, with the presentation of the chapan Kazybek bi, was prepared and published by the photo album.
Festive events dedicated to state and significant dates are bright events in the cultural life of the region. Everywhere in the region, the Day of Gratitude, Nauryz Meiramy, Day of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan, Day of Defender of the Fatherland, Victory Day were celebrated. On the eve of the Day of Culture Workers the Ceremony of awarding the Akim of the region award to the workers of culture and art of the Karaganda region was held. The following events became a big event in the cultural life of Karaganda residents: the regional aytys of akyns “Armysyң, әz Nauryz”; regional competition "Zhas rope"; regional competition "New Names"; The XXVІІ Regional Festival of Choral Collectives of War and Labor Veterans "Sing Veterans"; solemn event dedicated to the International Theater Day; new premieres in the theaters of the region; concerts of the symphony orchestra with guest soloists and conductors (Astana, Almaty, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev), IX International Festival "Saryarka Musical"; VII reading by Kasym Amanzholov, “Sen netken bakytty edin, keler ұrpaұ ...”; a recital of a classic of Kazakh literature, a writer, playwright, holder of the Order of “Ormet”, Sofia Smataev; opening theater and concert seasons; VII Republican competition of traditional performers named after Zhusipbek Elebekov; recital of the Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Secretary General of the international organization "TURKSOY", musician Dusen Kaseinov and the opening of his memorial sign on the Avenue of Stars; VII Republican contest of young performers "Zhuldyz"; celebration of the 85th anniversary of the theater team them. S.Seifullin; Republican scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the regional historical museum of local lore.

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