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Health care and sports (including the development of physical culture)


As of January 1, 2018, the health care network of the region has 72 state medical organizations (independent legal entities), including 2 - republican subordination. 42 of them are hospital organizations, 13 outpatient polyclinic organizations and 17 others: 1 - AIDS Center (in Karaganda with branches in Zhezkazgan, Temirtau, Balkhash), 1 - Blood Center (in Karaganda with branches in Zhezkazgan, Temirtau, Balkhash), 2 ambulance stations (Karaganda, Temirtau), 3 medical colleges (Karaganda, Zhezkazgan, Balkhash), a specialized medical property warehouse, 3 children's homes (Karaganda - 2, Zhezkazgan - 1), 5 sanatoriums, 1 medical organization of Karaganda State Medical Univ University.
In addition, 56 organizations of private ownership are involved in providing guaranteed free medical care.
In 2017, the budget of the industry amounted to 76.4 billion tenge, which is more than in the previous year by 15.2% (66.3 billion tenge).
An important direction in the State Program for the Development of Healthcare “Densaulyk” was the improvement of the material and technical base of health facilities.
31 health facilities renovated.
In 2017, over 3.3 billion tenge was spent on improving the material and technical base of health organizations. Using the mechanisms of financial leasing and deferred payments (installments), 672 units were acquired. medical equipment, the total value of which exceeds 5.7 billion tenge. Of these, 2.3 billion tenge was paid in 2017, including 480.0 million tenge for purchased reanimobiles.
3.3 billion tenge were allocated from the local budget for free drug provision of outpatients for 36 types of diseases (2016 - 3.2 billion tenge).
In order to detect diseases early, 10 types of prophylactic screening medical examinations are carried out.
1008.8 studies were carried out (98% of the annual plan). 49.4 thousand patients were detected (4.91%).
As a result, improved health indicators of the population. Infant mortality was reduced by 4.9% - from 8.1 to 7.7 per 1,000 live births. Maternal mortality is reduced by 21.4% per 100,000 live births. There is a decrease in the incidence of tuberculosis by 6.2% - from 54.7 to 51.3 cases per 1000 population. Mortality from this disease is also reduced by 27.5% - from 6.9 to 5.0 per 100 thousand of population.
The HIV prevalence rate among the population of 15-49 years old was 0.39.

In the region there are 3,033 sports organizations and groups of physical culture, whose activities cover more than 414 thousand people.
96 kinds of sports are cultivated: Olympic kinds - 41 (with disciplines), non-Olympic kinds - 55.
The national team of the Republic of Kazakhstan includes 1,216 athletes of the region.
In 2017, 39,541 athletes of the region took part in 910 competitions of various ranks, including 112 regional, 521 republican, and 277 international competitions. Following the results of which the athletes won over 8,190 medals (2,682 gold, 2,478 silver, 3,030 bronze).
93 competitions of international and republican significance were held on the territory of the region.
During the reporting period prepared: Honored Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 4 people, international masters of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 12 people; masters of sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 128 people; Candidates for the Master of Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 732 people.
From the beginning of the year, two major creative events were held in the region - the Torch Relay in support of the Universiade-2017, where over 10,000 students participated and the Karaganda Half Marathon “Armanғa Zhol” “Karaganda Half Marathon”. The event was attended by about 5 thousand marathoners, including from countries near and far abroad.
At the 28th World Winter Universiade in Almaty, our athletes won 6 medals: (1 silver and 4 bronze medals).
At the Asian Championships in Olympic and non-Olympic sports 34 medals were won: 14 gold, 8 silver and 12 bronze.
At the Winter Olympics in 2018, the Karaganda region was represented by 3 athletes who won 5 licenses.
The effectiveness of the management is determined by target indicators, reflecting the following indicators:
- coverage of citizens engaged in physical culture and sports in the region, which amounted to 30.0% or 414,166 people;
- coverage of children and adolescents from 7 to 18 years old engaged in physical culture and sports in youth sports schools, sports clubs, physical training of the total number of children and adolescents was 15.7% or 28,663 people.
In the region held 8,940 sports events. 544,181 people took part in them. Including 9 regional Spartakiad covering more than 27 thousand people.
In the region, national sports are successfully developing, 11 species are cultivated (toғzқұmalaқ, sayat, baiga, zhekpe-zhek, қazak k аresі, asyқ atu, kyz kyu, teңge alu, audaryspa ө, kөkpar, zhamby atu), 42,065 people are engaged. The National Team of the Republic of Kazakhstan includes 16 athletes.
In the rural sports and athletics meeting of Kazakhstan, our athlete, Kozhanusіp Asylkhan, took 1st place in the national game "Togyz-құmalak".
In the framework of the international exhibition EXPO-2017, republican competitions in national equestrian sports were held, where our athletes won in Zhorqa Zharys - 1st place, Tay Zharys - 2nd place, “Unan Zharys” - 3rd place.
The number of people with disabilities in the region is 60,851 people, of which 3,577 are involved in sports. Cultivated 28 sports. The National Team of Kazakhstan includes 68 athletes.
A striking and significant event of this year was the performance of athletes with hearing impairment at the XXS Deaflympic Games (Samsun, Turkey). Karaganda region was represented by 10 athletes in five sports (swimming, taekwondo, karate, athletics, orienteering).
Conquered 1 gold medal (taekwondo) and 2 bronze medals (taekwondo, karate).
At the World Championships in swimming among disabled athletes with visual impairment and PODA in Mexico City (Mexico) won 1 gold and bronze medals.
In the area there are 2,896 units. sports facilities, including 1,111 units in rural areas.
2 sports and recreation complexes in the city of Karaganda with a swimming pool and in the village of Shakhterskoye, Nurinsky District, were commissioned.
As part of the project “Ruhani Zagiru”, a karate sports club on karate, developed by the Republican Public Association “All-Kazakhstan Organization Kekushinkai Karate”, was built in Karaganda.
13 multifunctional hockey courts, 28 sports grounds and 5 Street Workout sports grounds have been installed.
During the reporting period, the department provided 1,322 state services for assigning sports categories and categories, 12 services for issuing an accreditation certificate for local sports federations, and 2 services for assigning the status “specialized” to sports schools.

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