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The tourism industry is developing dynamically in the region.
In 2018, the number of accommodation facilities amounted to 253 units. with a 9% increase over the previous year. The number of rooms in the placement amounted to 4,539 units. 280.7 thousand visitors were served in 2018. Of the total number of visitors, 93% are residents of other regions of the republic, 7% are foreign citizens. The volume of services provided by accommodation facilities amounted to 4 310.8 million tenge, IFO 99.2%.
The main tourist centers of the region, where there is potential for the development of tourism, are the city of Karaganda, Ulytau, Aktogai, Karkaraly districts, the center for the development of beach tourism - the coast of Lake Balkhash.
Ulytau district is a region for the development of ecological, historical, pilgrimage, as well as sightseeing tourism. The main resources are the Aulietau mountains, historical and cultural monuments (Mazars of Zhoshy Khan, Alasha Khan, the ancient cities of Baskamyr, Ayakkamyr, rock paintings of Terektiaulie, etc.). On the territory there are 3 hotels, 2 recreation areas, a museum-reserve of the Republican significance "Ulytau" and the only museum in the Republic of history of mining and smelting in the village of Zhezdy.
Karkaraly district is one of the centers of recreational recreation. There are 23 houses and recreation areas, hotels and children's camps. On the basis of the State National Natural Park "Karkaraly" there are 6 tourist-excursion routes.
The Balkhash region includes the territories of the cities of Balkhash and Priozersk and the territory of the Aktogay region of the coast of Lake Balkhash. The main tourist resources of the region are Lake Balkhash, the Bektauata mountain range, the Kyzylarai nature reserve, and Aksoran peak.
The tourist infrastructure of the Balkhash region is 53 accommodation facilities, including 25 hotels, 5 houses and boarding houses, 3 motels, 27 one-story bungalows, cottages, rural houses (chalets), 2 children's camps, a tourist base. Of these, in Balkhash - 15 hotels, 3 boarding houses, 3 motels, 19 one-story bungalows, cottages, rural houses (chalets); in Priozersk - 6 hotels; in Aktogai district - 4 hotels, 2 houses and a guesthouse, 2 children's camps, 8 one-story bungalows and cottages, a tourist base. In 2015, 5 km from the city of Priozersk, the Balkhash health-improving complex for 120 visitors was commissioned, the project cost more than 5 billion tenge.
The city of Karaganda is a center of business, cultural, educational, sports tourism. The largest number of places of accommodation and tourist organizations are located here. The tourist infrastructure is 82 accommodation facilities, which includes 67 hotels, 5 motels, 10 one-story bungalows, cottages and rural houses (chalets). In the city there are about 50 historical and cultural monuments.

In 2018, in order to develop tourism infrastructure in the region, 14 projects were implemented for a total of 931 million tenge, 123 jobs were created.
In total, 29 projects in the field of tourism in the amount of investments of 2.6 billion tenge received support within the framework of the EP “Business Road Map 2020”, including 5 projects in the amount of investment of 206 million tenge in 2018.
Information on the tourism potential of the region is available on the website www.visitkazakhstan.kz, on the official website of the Office of Entrepreneurship of the Karaganda Region www.upkrg.kz and on the tourism portal of the Republic of Kazakhstan www.kazakhstan.travel.

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