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Trade (including foreign economic activity)


For 2017, the total retail turnover amounted to 781.1 billion tenge, or 104.7% by 2016. The share of regional trade in the republican volume is 8.8%. In terms of the volume of retail trade, Karaganda Oblast occupies 4th place in the republic after Almaty, Kostanay and Akmola regions.
64.8% or 505.9 billion tenge of retail turnover was provided by individuals trading in markets and carrying out individual trading activities. 35.2% or KZT 275.2 billion in turnover accounted for registered enterprises and organizations.
In the wholesale market of the region goods were sold for 1060.3 billion tenge, which is 5.6% more than in 2016.
The share of food products in the total volume of retail trade was 36.5%, non-food products - 63.5%.
In the reporting year, 91 new trade facilities were launched for an amount of investments of 7.8 billion tenge. The number of POS-terminals increased by 1221 units and amounted to 10312.
The volume of foreign trade in 2017 (including with the EEU countries) amounted to 6,274.5 million US dollars (165.0% by 2016), including exports - 4,796.7 million US dollars (191.8% of total turnover), imports - 1477.8 million US dollars (135.6% of the total turnover).
The balance of trade amounted to 3,318.9 million USD.
The main exported goods are copper and products from it, oil, silver, flat-rolled iron or non-alloyed steel, flat-rolled cold-rolled, semi-finished iron, coal and others.
Equipment, products from ferrous metals, rolled ferrous metals, electrical equipment, vehicles, ceramic products, chemical products, rubber, rubber and products from it, pharmaceutical products, products from concrete and cement are imported.
 The main export partner countries are:
- Russian Federation (26.4% of total exports), China (23.3% of total exports), United Arab Emirates (11.2%), Iran (6.4%), United Kingdom (5.1%), Uzbekistan (4.0%).
The main partner countries for import operations are:
- Russian Federation (57.5% of total imports), China (9.8%), Germany (5.1%), Ukraine (4.1%), Lithuania (4.0%), USA (2, four%).

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