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Karaganda region includes Nura-Sarysu, Balkhash-Alakol, Ishim, Irtysh and Tobol-Torgai river basins.
In the region there are 599 water bodies, incl. 107 rivers, 83 lakes, 409 artificial reservoirs, dams with hydraulic structures. The rivers belong to the basins of the drainless lakes Tengiz, Karasor, Balkhash and the Irtysh River. The density of the river network decreases from north to south depending on the terrain. 11 rivers have a length of over 100 km.: Nura - 978, Torgai - 827, Sarysu - 800, Shiderty - 502, Uly – Zhylanshyk - 422, Kulanotpes - 364, Kalmakgyrgan - 325, Tuyndyk - 303, Tokyrain - 298, Jarly - 193, Taldy - 129.
In the southeast, the region includes part of the coast of Lake Balkhash - the third largest reservoir of Kazakhstan.
North of Karkaralinsk there is a hilly closed plain - Karasor. Within its limits there are about 50 lakes (Karasor, Saumalkol, Balyktykol, etc.). The depth of water bodies is on average 1 m, in some places up to 4-5 m. At the bottom of them black hydrogen sulphide mud containing healing properties and medical use are found.
The largest lakes in the region: Balkhash - 18.2 thousand square meters. km, Karasor - 154 square meters. km, Kypshak - 64.7 square meters. km, Kerey - 62.8 square meters. km, Karakoyin - 72.5 square meters. km, Kiyakty - 51.6 square meters. km, Shoshkakol - 32.0 square kilometers, Balyktykol - 25.8 square kilometers.
An important role in the balance of water availability in the region is played by the reservoirs and canals: Samarkand (on the Nura River), Sherubainurinsky (on the Sherubainur River), Kengirskoe (on the Kengir River), Zhezdinskoe (on the Zhezdy River), and dozens of small ponds on small water courses.
Since 1973, the Irtysh – Karaganda canal operates on the territory of the region - a large hydraulic structure 458 km long, providing drinking water for years. Karaganda and Temirtau. The average water supply from the canal is 75 cu. meters per second. The canal is unique in that water is supplied from a lower height (relative to sea level) to a higher one, for which about 20 pumping stations are involved.

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