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Karaganda region is the largest industrial region, a powerful industrial center, occupying a leading position in Kazakhstan.
Industrial production is the basis of the regional economy, the share in the structure of gross regional product for 2018 is 47.9%. Industry is represented by the mining and metallurgical complex. The food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, light industry and building materials industry have developed.
The share of mining and quarrying in the gross regional product of the region for 2018 is 11.5%.
The mineral resource base is rich in reserves of copper and tungsten, as well as large deposits of coal, lead, zinc, iron, manganese, and rare metals.
The Karaganda coal basin is the main supplier of coking coal for enterprises of the country's metallurgical industry. Coal mining enterprises include ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, ShubarkolKomir JSC, Saryarka Energy LLP, Satkomir GRK LLP.
The share of manufacturing in the total gross regional product of the region for 2018 is 32.1%.
The largest metallurgical industry enterprise of Kazakhstan, ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC, operates in the region. It produces 100% cast iron and finished steel from ferrous metals and about 90% of the republic’s steel. At the Zhezkazgan and Balkhash smelters of the Kazakhmys Corporation LLP, copper is refined with the highest grade MOOK - 99.99%. The chemical industry is developed on the basis of the metallurgical industry in the region. Sulfuric acid, nitrogen fertilizers, explosives and other products are produced.
The chemical industry is represented by the companies of Temirtau Electrometallurgical Plant JSC, Tau-Ken Temir LLP, Egofom LLP, Track LLP and Maxam Kazakhstan LLP.
In the pharmaceutical industry there are JSC MNPH Phytochemistry, Pharmacy 2010 LLP, Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex LLP and Karaganda Pharmaceutical Plant LLP.
In engineering, the production of mining equipment is specialized in the enterprises of the Branch of Maker LLP (Maker), Kurylysmet LLP, Kazcentrelectroprovod LLP and KarGorMash - M LLP.
The enterprises of the building materials industry produce cement, steel and plastic pipes, sanitary products, steel heating radiators, reinforced concrete panels and other designs, paints and varnishes, as well as new energy-saving materials, extract sand, gravel and gravel.
The production is represented by the enterprises of Kartsement JSC, KKK Beton LLP, Santekhprom LLP, Karagandanerud LLP, Kaztransmetall LLP, NORD Prom NS LLP, Karal PLAST LLP LLP, Metal Profile Plant LLP and others.
The region has sufficient reserves of various raw materials for the production of building materials. Industrial waste is widely used in their production: slag from metallurgical and coal mining industries and other secondary resources.

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