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The region is rich in mineral resources. There are large deposits of coal, copper, lead, zinc, manganese, iron, molybdenum, tungsten, rare metals; Arsenic, cobalt, nickel and other ore occurrences are known. There are large reserves of non-metallic materials: building stones, cement materials, clay, sand and others.
Of all the geological structures, the Karaganda coal basin has been studied in most detail. Lead-zinc ore occurrences and the Zhalairskoye barite deposit are known on the southern frame of the Karaganda coal basin. In various parts of the basin, 20 limestone deposits have been identified that are suitable for use in the metallurgical, chemical, and cement industries. These include the Astakhovskoye, Saryapanskoe, Volynskoe, Yuzhno-Toparskoe limestone deposits. In the Spassky zone, about 20 small copper deposits of volcanogenic-sedimentary genesis (Zhalgyztobe, Zhetimshoky, Kyzylshoky, Kozhakongan, Kyzylogiz, Koktal, Saryadyr, Altyntobinsky and Spassky copper deposits, etc.), more than 250 occurrences of copper occurrences and several geochemical anomelios have been discovered, and more than 250 geochemical anomeliomas and some more. Pyrophyllite and marble deposits have been discovered and explored.
In the geological structure of the Ulytau-Zhezkazgan region there are large deposits of copper, manganese, lead and zinc; medium and small deposits of iron, nickel, cobalt, coal; ore occurrences of gold, chromium, platinum; non-metallic deposits of magnesite, talc, barite, quartz, fluorite, asbestos. In the ores of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, compounds of silver, rhenium, cadmium, thallium, germanium and other placer elements are found.
In the area of the Karsakpay plant, the discovered iron deposits are elongated by 40 km. Here are the deposits of Keregetas, Balbyraun, Karatas, Karashoky and Saztobe. At the deposits of Keregetas and Balbyraun there are 5-7 horizons of ferruginous quartzites with a thickness from 10 m to 220 m.
Ulytau-Zhezkazgan district in relation to manganese reserves belongs to the main. The Zhezdinskoe deposit is known for such ferromanganese ore manifestations as Balazhal, Yemelyanovskoe, Western Keregetas and Zhaman Keregetas.
Currently, among the ore formations, the Zhezkazgan ore formation, the Zhylandin group (Itauz, Saryoba, Karashoshak, Kypshakbai, Aralbai), Zhamanaybat and others are of industrial importance.

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