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Karaganda region is the largest region in the territory (15.7% of the total area of Kazakhstan) and is located in the heart of the continent of Eurasia, almost equidistant from the Arctic and Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The region occupies the most elevated part of the Kazakh small mountain area - Saryarki, which is a peculiar, highly heterogeneous in geomorphological terms, highly elevated territory (absolute height of 400-1000 meters).
In the west, it is adjacent to the Torgay Hollow and the northeast of the Turan Lowland, in the south, the clay desert of Betpakdala and Lake Balkhash. The relief is complicated by low-slope depressions, river valleys, dry beds of watercourses, ravines with outlets to the surface of groundwater, closed drainage, lake hollows, steppe saucers.
In the west of the region are the Ulytau mountains (1133 m), in the eastern part of the Karkaraly mountains (Zhirensakal mountain, 1403 m), Kent (1469 m), Ku (1356 m), Kyzyltas (1283 m), Kyzylarai (Aksoran mountain, 1565 m, the the highest point of Saryarka), Keshubai (1,559 m) and others; in the south-western and southern parts of the region there are sandy massifs of the Aral Karakum, two Moyinkum, Zhetykonyr and others.
The region borders in the south with South Kazakhstan and Zhambyl, in the north with Akmola, in the north-east with Pavlodar, in the north-west with Kostanay, in the east with East Kazakhstan, in the west with Aktobe, in the south-west with Kyzylorda, on southeast with Almaty regions of Kazakhstan.
The territory of the region is equal to 428 thousand square km, which is equal to the area of such states as Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia taken together. In the region there are 9 rural districts, 11 cities, 9 settlement administrations, 187 rural administrations, in them 421 rural settlements. The population of the region as of January 1, 2018 was 1 million 380.3 thousand people or 7.6% of the total population of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The average population density in the region is 3.2 people.
Representatives of more than one hundred nationalities live in the region. The share of Kazakhs in the total population was 51.3%, russians - 35.8%, ukrainians - 3%, germans - 2.3%, tatars - 2.2%, koreans - 1%, belarusians - 0.8%. The share of persons of other nationalities is 3.6%.
The center of the region is located in the city of Karaganda, founded in 1934. As of January 1, 2018, 501.3 thousand people or 36.3% of the total population of the region live in the city. The regional center of Karaganda is located at a distance of 222 km from the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan - the city of Astana. The largest region of the region by area is the Ulytau district - 122.9 thousand sq. Km.

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