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It is necessary to create a new model of economic growth,
which will ensure the global competitiveness of the country.

Nursultan Nazarbayev,
President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Astana, Akorda, January 31, 2017.

The socio-economic passport of the Karaganda region contains information and analytical materials on economic sectors in text, tabular and graphical form.
The data on the historical and geographical position of the region, natural resources, administrative and territorial structure, information on the state of the most important sectors of the economy: industry, agriculture, construction, transport, communications and trade are presented. Significant place is given to indicators characterizing the social sector - education, health, culture, sports.

Managementof Economics
Karaganda region,



1. General information

1.1. History of the region

1.2. Geographical position

1.3. Natural and climatic conditions

1.4. Minerals (including promising for development)

1.5. Water resources

1.6. Specialization of the regional economy

1.7. Results of the development of the region for the last 10 years (2008-2017)

2. Short results of social and economic development of the region according to the results of the reporting year

2.1. Key Target Indicators

2.2. Industry

2.3. Infrastructure

2.4. Agriculture

2.5. Small and medium businesses

2.6. Reducing Administrative Barriers to Business

2.7. Building

2.8. Investments in fixed assets

2.9. Innovative development

2.10. Trade (including foreign economic activity)

2.11. Tourism

2.12. Education

2.13. Health care and sports (including the development of physical culture)

2.14. Labor market and social protection

2.15. Youth Policy

2.16. Culture

2.17. Development of languages

2.18. Budget (revenue and expenditure parts of the budget)

2.19. Public Safety

2.20. Legalization

3. On the progress of the implementation of state and sectoral programs

4. The main target indicators of the region's development for the coming year and medium-term perspective in the context of industries and spheres

5. Attractive directions in the region for investment (including specifying specific projects and opportunities for investors)

6. Tables, Charts and Maps

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