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In the region of awareness-raising activities to promote the President's address to people of Kazakhstan dated January 31, 2017, "the Third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness". Only in the field of work 19 information groups (IG), which 722 promoter (1 regional, 18 urban/district).

By the order of akim of the region from 22 February 2017 # 15 updated the regional information group (hereinafter RIG), approved their schedules.

The population of the region can apply to the akimat of the region on the following issues:

1) activities in the area of health, ensuring the realization of citizens ' right to the guaranteed volume of free medical care in accordance with established national standards; staffing of public health organizations;
2) implementation of citizen's right to free education;
3) issues of employment of population;
4) coordinate social assistance to socially vulnerable segments of the population;
5) provision of social-legal aid to convicted prisoners, including probation officers of the criminal Executive inspection in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
6) energy conservation measures and energy efficiency;
7) questions on socio-economic development of the region;
8) regulation of migration processes in the region;
9) management of municipal property of the region;
10) facilitating the implementation of the citizens and organizations of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, laws, acts of the President and the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, normative legal acts of Central and local state bodies;
11) creation of conditions for development of entrepreneurship and investment climate in the region;
12) implementation of measures for the development of stationary trade objects in the framework of territorial development programs;
13) organization of exhibition and fair activity;
14) approval of placement of non-stationary trade objects;
15) efficient and effective functioning of the agrarian sector;
16) development scheme regional planning area, General development plans of the regional center, regional centers, cities of regional value;
17) issues of construction, reconstruction and repair of objects of regional municipal property and objects socially-the cultural destination of regional significance;
18) permits for construction of utility networks and constructions;
19) monitoring planned to construction (reconstruction, expansion, modernization, capital repair) of facilities on the subordinated territory of objects and complexes;
20) organization of construction and operation of water supply systems, sewage disposal plants, thermal and electric networks, being in the municipal property and other objects of transport and engineering infrastructure of the city of Republican value, capital;
21) organization and conducting exploration works for underground waters for human settlements;
22) regulation of land relations in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
23) issues of separate collection, recycling and disposal of municipal waste;
24) environmental protection activities;;
25) construction, efficient operation and maintenance of roads of regional significance;
26) issues of the protection of public order and security in the region;
27) organization of transport of passengers in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of transport;
28) organization of work on the protection and use of historical and cultural heritage, promotes historical, national and cultural traditions and customs of the population, the development of physical culture and sports;
29) maintaining and filling of information system "Address register";
30) organizing activities for the prevention of terrorism, and also minimization and (or) elimination of consequences of terrorism on the territory of oblast, city of Republican significance, the capital through anti-terrorist Commission;
31) part in the prevention of emergency situations of social character and also minimization and (or) liquidation of their consequences on the territory of oblast, city of Republican value, capital;
32) the implementation of the transfer of property of the citizens of dwellings from the municipal housing Fund on the terms stipulated by legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the procedure established by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
33) the development of rules of preparation and holding of the heating season;
34) the adoption of norms of consumption of public services on gas supply, electricity supply, water supply, Sewerage and heat supply to consumers that do not have metering devices;
35) creation of infrastructure for sports individuals by place of residence and in their places of public entertainment;
36) the provision of housing Champions and medalists of Olympic, Paralympic and Deaflympics in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On physical culture and sport";
37) monitoring of social tension and the risks of labor conflicts and other issues imposed by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Governor's office has created the following state bodies which operate on the above mentioned issues.
1. Department of architecture and urban planning
2. Department of construction
3. Department of domestic policy
4. Department of healthcare
5. Department of state assets and procurement
6. Department of state architectural and construction control
7. Department of coordination of employment and social programs
8. Department for language development
9. Department of labor inspection
10. Department for youth policy
11. Department of education
12. Department of passenger transport and automobile roads
13. Department of natural resources and environmental management
14. Department of veterinary
15. Department of agriculture
16. Department of physical culture and sports
17. Department for mobilization training
18. Department for the matters of religions
19. Department of culture, archives and documentation
20. Department of control over the use and protection of lands
21. Department of entrepreneurship
22. Department of economics and finance
23. Department of industry and industrial-innovative development
24. Department of energy and housing and communal services
25. Department of land relations

All state bodies have web-sites where there is a feedback.

Ask questions on specific areas of activity is possible through the Virtual reception, chose the subject of "Law and Order".

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