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In accordance with Article 15.2 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On administrative procedures" interactive state services, including the reception of electronic applications of citizens, delivered through a Web portal for e-government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The rules of reception and consideration of electronic applications are regulated by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On order of consideration of physical and legal persons."

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The right of citizens to apply is one of the most important rights declared by the Constitution. Citizens 'appeals are a source of information about the real needs of the population, therefore, work with citizens' appeals is one of the most effective tools for forming a positive image of the executive body.

Guided by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 221 of January 12, 2007 "On the Procedure for Consideration of Appeals from Individuals and Legal Entities", the department of documentary support and control of the akim's administration carries out work according to which the system for monitoring the processing of appeals, careful and correct treatment of citizens When dealing with issues, comprehensive analysis, eliminating the causes that generate complaints.

During the period of 2016, 2,381 applications were received by the oblast akim (2,641 applications) (1,966 from individuals and 415 from legal entities).

Of them, from the parent bodies - 647, including:

  • Administration of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 351
  • Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan - 125
  • Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan – 60
  • Ministries and departments - 111

From the number of received applications of citizens 877 applications for housing and communal issues (getting an apartment, moving from an emergency housing, repairing an apartment, a house, roofing, flooding of cellars, heating issues, cold and hot water supply, electricity supply, improvement issues, CAO work), 379 - on social issues (employment and dismissal, organization, protection and remuneration of labor, calculation and recalculation of pensions), 49 - health issues (assistance in treatment, work of medical institutions), 65 on education, 85 - issues of culture, art and sport.

The nature and content of the problems described in the appeals of citizens reflect the social and economic situation in the region. Currently, the number of applications for municipal and housing issues remains at a high level. Through the prism of the issues raised by citizens, the akim's office receives information about the problems in the regions, as well as assessing the quality of the work of local authorities.

Personal reception of citizens is conducted according to the approved schedule. In 2016, the region's administration adopted 181 people.

In addition, with the oral appeals of the citizens of the region, the Unified Dispatch Service (t. 502073) operates which operates around the clock.

In fulfillment of the assignment of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the building of the regional akimat, a box for proposals, comments, responses and appeals of citizens was installed.

Interaction with citizens allows you to correctly assess the situation for making specific decisions.


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