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Dear residents of the Karaganda region!


In accordance with the Regulation on the Ethics Commissioner approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 29, 2015 "On Measures for Further Improvement of Ethical Norms and Rules of Conduct of Civil Servants of the Republic of Kazakhstan", the functions of the Ethics Commissioner include the issues of monitoring and monitoring compliance with the norms of the service ethics of civil servants.

In this regard, if you have encountered facts of violation of the requirements of service ethics by civil servants of local executive bodies of the Karaganda region, you can report this by phone: office +7 (7212) 501522 (ext.6733), mobile phone +7 701 908 58 36.

E-mail addresses: asylbekova@krg.gov.kz, s.asylbekova@karaganda-region.gov.kz, sandugash211@mail.ru.

The facts of violation of official ethics by civil servants can be sent via the mobile application "WhatsApp" to the phone number of phone number +7 701 908 58 36.

In addition, the page "Ethics Commissioner" functions in the Facebook social network, where you can post your suggestions for improving the image of the public service.

Your information will be important for monitoring and necessary response.



Commissioner for ethics of the apparatus

of the akim of the Karaganda region

S. Asylbekova

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