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The total length of roads of regional and district significance of the Karaganda region is 6,071.3 km (3,549 km and 2,522.3 km), of which 723 km with asphalt concrete pavement, 2,292 km with black gravel and 2934.3 km white highway (gravel) , dirt roads - 122 km.
On the roads there are 125 bridges (6 972.1 p / meters), 3440 water pipes (51 525 p / meters).
There has been a steady growth in the main indicators of transport. So, according to the results of 2018, the indicators of passenger and freight turnover in automobile transport compared to 2017 increased by 4.2% and 0.1%, respectively.
To date, the region’s route network consists of 247 routes, including 110 intra-city, 36 suburban, 13 intra-district, 56 inter-city intra-regional communications, covering regular connections to more than 250 settlements. In addition, transportation via 24 interregional and 8 international routes was organized, providing communication between the settlements of the region and the cities of the Russian Federation - Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Barnaul, Omsk, Tomsk, Tyumen, Kemerov, as well as Mongolia - Bayan Ulgei.
Existing routes are assigned more than 1,600 buses of various capacities and modifications, taking into account the reserve.
61 legal entities and individual entrepreneurs carry out the transportation of passengers and baggage on these routes.
There are 31 existing railway stations in the region. Traffic was organized along 8 socially significant inter-district (intercity) and suburban rail passenger transport routes, covering more than 50 settlements.
In April 2018, the intraregional socially significant railway route Karaganda-Zhezkazgan was renewed, with a frequency of runs every other day on even numbers. Due to the resumption of the route, a safe, convenient and stable passenger traffic was created with the regional center for residents of the cities of Zhezkazgan, Satpayev and Ulytau region. Since the launch of the route more than 50 thousand passengers have been transported. In the future, based on the volume of passenger traffic, the issue of changing the frequency of the train to the daily will be considered.
In addition, due to the numerous requests from the population, as well as the increasing number of visitors to the tourist areas of Lake Balkhash, from January 2019, the composition of the Karaganda-Balkhash train was increased by one additional reserved seat car.
This will make it possible to additionally carry about 38 thousand passengers a year.
An increase in the train’s composition will make it possible to meet the needs of the population of the Balkhash region in railway traffic, and will create additional conditions for the development of the tourism cluster.
Also in the field of railway transport, in August 2018, the reconstruction of the building of the railway station of the city of Karaganda began with completion at the end of 2019.
Repair will be carried out with the maximum preservation of the historical appearance of the building and interior. At the same time, the infrastructure of the station will meet modern transport safety requirements, current passenger requirements and standards for servicing passengers with limited mobility.
In general, the reconstruction will increase the capacity of the station from 4000 to 8000 passengers per day, the capacity of the station from 800 to 2300 people, the number of seats from 250 to 670 seats.
One of the largest and strategically important objects of the transport infrastructure of the region is the Sary-Arka international airport. The airport of Karaganda has a powerful potential and meets international norms and standards. The airport class allows you to serve aircraft of almost all types in the first category of ICAO.
There are flights from the airport to such cities as Moscow, Novosibirsk, Almaty, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kyzylorda.
Also organized the transportation of passengers on the intraregional subsidized flight Karaganda-Zhezkazgan.
In the field of civil aviation, in June 2018, overhaul of the runway of the Balkhash airport began. At the same time, 8.9 billion tenge was allocated from the republican budget for these purposes. Work is scheduled to be completed in 2019.
After the overhaul, it will be possible to receive heavy class 1 aircraft at the airport, with a maximum take-off weight of at least 210 tons without restrictions, which will also have a beneficial effect on the further development of the tourism sector and air transportation in the region.
The airport of Zhezkazgan is of great importance for the region, in particular, for the Zhezkazgan region, where passengers are transported via interregional flights Zhezkazgan-Almaty and Zhezkazgan-Astana with a frequency of flights of 2 times a week.
The priority area in the Karaganda region is to increase the network of paved roads, which provides reliable communication between the districts and the regional center. In 2018, 45.2 billion tenge was allocated for road repair work, 1215 km of roads were repaired. As a result, the share of highways of regional and district significance in good and satisfactory condition was 76%.
In 2019, 47 billion tenge was allocated for road repairs, it is planned to repair 1,065 km of roads, bringing the share of highways of regional and district significance that are in good and satisfactory condition to 77%.

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