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Priority activities


Priority activities

- Metallurgy industry

- Manufacture of finished metal goods excluding machines and equipment

- Manufacture of engines and turbines excluding aircraft, automobile, and motorcycle engines

- Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers, and semitrailers

- Manufacture of computers, electronic and optical products

- Manufacture of electric equipment

- Manufacture of chemical industry products

- Manufacture of resin and plastic products

- Manufacture of construction materials and non-metallic mineral products

- Manufacture of hydraulic equipment

- Manufacture of miscellaneous pumps, compressors, stoppers, and valves

- Manufacture of miscellaneous faucets and taps

- Manufacture of bearings, gear, geared transmission elements, and drives

- Manufacture of stoves, furnaces, and burners

- Manufacture of lifting and load-transfer equipment

- Manufacture of manual electrically operated tools

- Manufacture of industrial refrigerating and ventilating equipment

- Manufacture of treaters for liquid minerals

- Manufacture of equipment for production, dispersion or sputtering or liquid minerals or powders

- Manufacture of purification equipment for oil refining, chemical industry, beverage production industry

- Manufacture of centrifugal machines (excluding cream separators and drying units)

- Manufacture of cooling towers for direct cooling by water recirculation

- Manufacture of agricultural and forestry equipment

- Manufacture of metal forming equipment

- Manufacture of miscellaneous metal-working machinery

- Manufacture of machines and equipment for metallurgy industry

- Manufacture of machines for mining industry, underground extraction and construction

- Manufacture of equipment for production and processing of food products, beverages, and tobacco products

- Manufacture of equipment for production of textile, sewing, fur, and leather products

- Manufacture of machines for production of paper and cardboard

- Manufacture of equipment for processing of resins, plastic, and other polymeric materials

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