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Certificate of entrepreneurship development in Karaganda region
on January 1, 2020.

On January 1 2020 year, the number of register subjects SME’s was 103 046 units or 100,6% for the same period of 2018.
The number of operating small and medium-sized businesses amounted to 88 299 units or 105,1% for the same period 2018.
The volume of production by SMBs in January-September 2019 amounted to 986,8 billion tenge, with an increase of 4,3 % over the same period in 2018 (in comparable prices).
The number of employees on October 1 2019 in SMEs amounted to 238 701 people, or 101,1% for the same period 2018, the share of employed in SME in relation to the economically active population amounted to 34,7%.
Since 2010 in the framework of the Unified program of support and business development "Business roadmap-2020" in the region supported by 1864 projects, a total of 188,3 billion tenge, including in 2019, 288 projects were approved for the amount of investments of 16,7 billion tenge.
- To subsidize interest rates on the loan (1 and 3 directions) approved 1252
projects worth 167,4 billion tenge, including in 2019 - 151 projects worth 14,2 billion tenge;
- On partial guaranteeing of loans, 349 projects were approved for a total amount of guarantees of 8,7 billion tenge, including in 2019 116 projects for 2,3 billion tenge;
- 67 projects to the amount of 11.7 billion tenge were approved for the laying of the missing infrastructure, including in 2019 1 project for 142 million tenge;
- 196 projects were approved for grant financing in the amount of 494 million tenge, including in 2019 - 20 projects for 55 million tenge.
Also under the program “Business Roadmap 2020”, a total of (from 2013 to 2016) 232 microloans were issued in the amount of 775.6 million tenge (the operator is the fund for financial support of agriculture).
As a result, the enterprises of the region saved 73.7 thousand existing and created 21.9 thousand new workplaces (including in 2019 – 499 new workplaces), to the budget received 24.3 billion tenge of tax payments.
In the framework of non-financial support for entrepreneurs:
- 15 025 people were trained under the project “Business Advisor”, including 1585 in 2019;
- 229 entrepreneurs trained under the “Top Management” project;
- under the project "Business Relations" - 343 people, including 51 in 2019;
- service support was provided to 16695 enterprises, about 27,6 thousand services were rendered, including in 2019 y. 2224 enterprises received 3162 consultations;
- Since 2012, 157,6 thousand consultations have been rendered to 60,4 thousand clients by business infrastructure (CSC, ZPP, MCPP), including 17,1 thousand consultations provided to 5,8 thousand entrepreneurs in 2019.
As part of the second direction of the "program for the development of productive employment and mass entrepreneurship for 2017-2021 "Enbek" in 2019, 1689 micro-loans were issued in cities and villages for 7.3 billion tenge
The basics of entrepreneurship in the “Bastau Business” project from 2017-2019 were trained 7002 self-employed and unemployed people, including 3700 in 2019. The project "Zhas kasipker" trained 1350 people
Under the program "Economics of simple things" in 2019, 74 projects were approved in the amount of loans of 13,5 billion tenge.

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