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Technical specifications of services provided for support of the private public partnership in Karaganda region


Technical specifications of services provided for support of the private public partnership in Karaganda region

Requirements for legal entities for consulting services of the local private public partnership (hereinafter - PPP) projects

1. Knowledge of laws: law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on PPP, Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan on concession, government order № 725 from 25.11.2015, government order № 724 from 25.11.2015 and others);
2. Work experience of employees and/or of the head of legal entity in the field of PPP (concept development of PPP projects, concession projects, tender documentation for PPP and concession projects, concession offer, financial modeling, calculations of NVP, IRR, DPP, ENPV, direct and indirect macroeconomic effects and others)
3. Preparation of explication on request of tender documentation by organizations that received requested documentation
4. Taking part in meetings, negotiations with potential private partners, concessionaires , investors, subcontractors and others
5. Support during implementation of changes and additions to the tender documentation
6. Participate in negotiations with PPP/concession commission with tender participant, whose tender offer is accepted
7. Analysis of the PPP offer from potential private partner/ concessionaire, concession project and terms of PPP/concession contract, develop recommendations for the public partner on agreements/ disagreements with given offer from the potential private partner and develop agreed upon version of the contract.
8. Preparation of PPP/concession contracts of the projects;
9. Support the committee in the finalizing of the PPP/concession contract
10. Support of the PPP/concession contract conclusion and registration
11. Provide successful completion of the Required expertise of PPP/concession projects
12. Consult the customer on technical, financial, legal matters of the organization and PPP/concession project implementation, tender procedures and other issues of the PPP/concession implementation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Requirements for potential supplier

1. Head of enterprise must have a higher degree in economics/finance/accounting and auditing. A higher degree from an international university is mandatory. Additional finance and project management certificates are welcome. Back up documentation should be provided (diplomas, certificates etc.).
2. Head of enterprise must necessarily have experience in the areas of project finance, corporate finance, leasing with a total length not less than 5 years including executive position experience of no less than 2,5 years. More than 1 year Experience in the project execution of public-private partnership at executive level no lower than head of project division/ head of department/ vice head of department in quasi public organizations that provide support to PPP projects. Back up documentation should be provided (employment record card).
3. The existence of at least two contracts for the provision of services for the maintenance of PPP projects is confirmed by the contracts and / or other supporting documents (bank statements, acts of work performed) by the head of enterprise or by the enterprise itself of the implemented PPP projects for the last year. The presence of supporting documents is required.
4. The presence of at least 3 specialists with experience in project finance and / or management, financial analysis and / or financial consulting, with the skills of drawing up business plans and / or concepts of PPP projects. The information should be confirmed by the concluded labor contracts and the application of the resume of specialists.
5. Potential supplier must be of a domestic origin. Preference is given to enterprise registered in Karaganda region.

Contact us for contacts: 8(7212) 503-558

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