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Realization of the State program "Digital Kazakhstan" in the Karaganda region


Information support of the implementation of the State program "Digital Kazakhstan" is carried out at the expense of the budget program "Conducting the state information policy" in the following lots: "On the implementation in the region of the Message of the Head of the State to the people of Kazakhstan" New development opportunities in the conditions of the fourth industrial revolution " "On implementation in the field of state and sectoral programs".

Issues of digitalization are included in a single regional media plan.

At the information advancement of the program "Digital Kazakhstan" in the media of the region, materials on the implementation of projects on the transition to a digital economy in the republic and the region are being issued.

Materials on this subject are published under the headings: "Zholdau-Koldau", "Behind the line of the President's Address", "Elbasy Zholdauy - tarikh talgamy", "Elbasy tapsyrmasyn oryndai otyryp ...", "Zholdauyaga үn kosamiz", "Supporting the President's Address", "Zholdaudy Talkhylau", "On behalf of the President", "Zholdau Zhugi", "Elbasy Zholdauy – Halyktyn koldauy", "Zholdau ayasynda", " Digital Kazakhstan "," Information Technology ", etc.

Active information support is provided by the implementation of the SMART CITY pilot project: the implementation of the Safe City system, intelligent systems for managing the city's life support, information systems for the organization of public transport, digitalization of cooperative services for apartment owners, etc.

Regularly issued media materials on the digitalization of industrial enterprises, business, education, health, law enforcement.

These are: the implementation of the Investigator Information System, the information database "District Police Inspector", "E-criminal case", "Bilimal", digital applications "EDU-MARK", "DAMU-MED", automation of the distribution of seats in kindergartens and etc.

The interest of the media is the implementation of the project "Proactive service" The Birth of a Child. "

A number of materials have been issued on the start of the project, explaining the procedure for obtaining a child's birth certificate, putting it on the kindergarten queue, and processing benefits.

The release of stories and articles about the pilot project on the transition to paperless management of medical records in healthcare organizations, the introduction of an integration platform, including the electronic health passport and the patient's personal cabinet, has been organized.

The materials use interviews of employees of the Service Centers of the population and the State Corporation "Government for Citizens", examples of citizens who have already successfully used these services in a proactive format are given.

The mass media discusses the meetings in state bodies on this subject, the results of the work carried out and the prospects for further development of the field of information and communication technologies.

On air of the TV channels of the region, on the websites of state bodies and their pages in social networks, the placement of commercials on the promotion of the advantages of electronic commerce is organized.

On the pages of regional, city and district prints published articles on the possibilities of electronic commerce.

In January-March 2018 SMART CITY pilot projects were issued in the media of the region with more than 50 materials.

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